Ricki Lake Flaunts Weight Loss Transformation in New Photos: ‘I Feel Amazing’

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MAY 02: Ricki Lake attends the Los Angeles opening night performance of the musical "Hairspray" at Dolby Theatre on May 02, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

Ricki Lake says she is “so so proud” of herself and her husband, Ross Burningham, for their shared commitment to “get healthier” over the last few months.

In a Feb. 24 post on Instagram, the former talk show host revealed that she and Burningham have each lost at least 30 pounds since they embarked on their lifestyle change last October. She included in her post some photos to display her weight loss transformation.

The Hairspray actress noted in her post that neither she nor her husband shed any weight by relying on weight loss drugs, though she was quick to add there is nothing “wrong” with doing so. Lake, 55, said they instead wanted to “try and do it on our own” despite being concerned that her age would make it tougher for her body to lose weight compared with when she was younger.

“I am so so proud of us,” Lake wrote. "I feel amazing. I feel strong.”

Lake promised to “go in depth” on how she achieved her weight loss transformation in the future, “but suffice to say this is the healthiest way I’ve lost weight in all of my years.”

The first photo shows Lake wearing a wide-brimmed hat as she smiles for a selfie on her “daily hike.” Burningham can be seen walking along on the road behind her.

Lake explained that the second and third photos in her post were taken on November 3, 2023, just a few days after the couple decided to embrace their new healthy lifestyle strategy. The second photo shows Lake and Burningham embracing each other, and the third shows Burningham walking along the beach with a dog.

The fourth photo shows Lake taking a selfie while standing in front of a mirror to show off her body four months after their weight loss journey began. The fifth and final photo features a graph showing Lake’s declining weight from the time she began recording it last fall through Feb. 24.

Fans were quick to share words of support and encouragement for Lake and Burningham in the comment section of her Instagram post. Many thanked her for sharing her “inspiring” journey, while others asked her for tips and shared their own experiences with dieting and exercise.

“HECK YES!!!!” one fan wrote. “Love your honesty and THANK YOU for sharing the hard work you’re both doing…inspired! LOVE YOU!!!”

“Congrats for doing it the healthy (and sustainable) way!” wrote another.

“No matter what size, you look SO HAPPY now,” one fan said. "I'm thrilled you're taking care of yourself so you can live longer and share your light with us.”

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