REI's No. 1 Bestselling Tent That's 'Dependable to the Max' Is Now 30% Off and Selling Out Quickly

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A roomy and comfortable camping tent is an essential piece of outdoor gear that can make a difference between a good night’s rest under the stars and feeling like a sardine in a can. But the price difference between a tent that’s cramped and one that’s cozy is typically a couple hundred dollars. Simply put, bigger tents are more expensive. The good news is that REI just slashed the price on its bestselling tent by $150 ahead of spring and summer camping—and it's selling out quickly.

Right now, The North Face’s Wawona 6 Tent is on sale for just $350—a 30% discount on the normal $500 price. It's currently the No. 1 bestselling tent at REI and boasts over 170 five-star ratings from shoppers who have relied on it all across the US. The discount on the Wawona tent ends on April 22 and one of the two colors has already sold out, so you’ll want to act fast.

The North Face Wawona 6 Tent, $350 (was $500) at REI

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This tent from The North Face measures 120-by-96 inches and has a peak height of 76 inches—enough for some tall folks to stand up. It features plenty of vents and windows for airflow on hot days, and the included rainfly keeps you and your gear dry in wet weather. The poles are color-coded to help make setup easier, and the tent packs into a small duffel-sized compartment. It won’t be the kind of tent you'd carry on an ultralight backpacking trip, but it’s an excellent option for family trips and car camping.

Like most other six-person tents, the Wawona 6 will be more comfortable for three or four sleepers when you factor in gear storage and leg room. But the Wawona tent has a key feature that sets it apart: The roomy vestibule acts as a mudroom or patio for the main compartment. The sheltered area gives you extra space to set up camp chairs or stash gear like survival equipment and mountain bikes, keeping your stuff out of sight and away from the elements. It also helps leave more room in the main compartment for sleeping bags.

It’s a popular tent with REI shoppers because of its tough build and versatile materials, but many simply say it gives them confidence outside knowing that it'll work at any campsite. One shopper called it “dependable to the max,” writing, “We have been using it for about two years now. Still looks and performs like new.” They added that they had to abandon the tent for the night due to high winds, but when they came back it was still standing.

Another shopper called it “so spacious and comfortable,” and added, “Joshua Tree in December worked for us. Highly recommend as an exceptional three-season, car camping tent.” Another agreed, saying, “This tent allows us to stand up comfortably inside and feels warmer and more stable than our last tent.” They added that "the front porch area is something I never knew I needed or wanted, but it is extremely helpful for keeping our space organized and clean.”

Spending time outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy creature comforts and The North Face’s roomy Wawona 6 tent is the ideal option for families or a small group of friends. The only catch is that, at $500, this tent is an investment, which is why we’re excited to see the $150 discount. The deal ends on the 22nd, so don’t delay.