Reheat Your Pizza On The Grill For A Smoky Finish

Pizza on fiery grill
Pizza on fiery grill - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

There's no denying that piping hot, fresh-from-the-oven pizza is one of the most universally loved foods, regardless of season, occasion, or culture. But personal-sized pizzas are not that common, and having leftovers -- particularly if you're hitting your local joint with a small group of diners -- is a standard outcome.

Fortunately, although it may never exactly mimic those first moments out of the oven, pizza reheats quite well. And while there are many acceptable ways to resurrect your slices, one stands out for bringing a unique quality to the table. To give your reheated favorite pizza a smoky finish, simply toss your remaining portion of the pie on the charcoal grill.

Whether you're a pepperoni lover, a margherita purist, or prefer more experimental options, the subtle smokiness from the grill complements so many flavors. Throwing yesterday's pizza on the grill is a perfect next-day solution across the board, breathing new life into your leftovers.

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Giving Your Pizza The Grill Treatment

Woman eating leftover pizza
Woman eating leftover pizza - Recvisual/Getty Images

While this pizza reheating method requires the extra step of firing up the grill, there's a good chance you'll decide it's worth it. In addition to that signature smoky charcoal flavor, you crisp up the crust, which alternate reheating options like the microwave can't accomplish. Grilling also restores your cheese to a gooey, melty state, rather than the sometimes rubbery texture other processes can yield.

The trick is approaching your pizza grilling like a good barbecue dish and opting for a controlled, low, and slow heat. You don't need any oil or fat to get started, and once you've allowed a few minutes to warm up the grill, you can get your slice ready for its revival. There is some debate about placing your pizza directly on the grates or going for indirect heat, but that choice depends on how much char you prefer. It's simple enough to gauge when it's done, as you can monitor your desired heat level. You'll have a crisp bottom crust when it's ready, but the whole process should take about five minutes or so.

Smoky Pizza Pairings

Barbecue pizza with steak
Barbecue pizza with steak - stockcreations/Shutterstock

Although any pizza works well reheated on the grill, some ingredients are especially delicious with a smoky touch. Meats like sausage, bacon, pepperoni, and meatballs are sure-fire favorites, but don't stop there. Keep barbecue in mind and branch out with sliced steak, BBQ chicken and red onion, smoky brisket, or even pulled pork pizza.

You don't have to only opt for proteins and savory elements, as smoke provides a nice counterpoint to sweetness, too. Toppings like grilled sweet corn, peppers, and carrots pair beautifully with that smoky essence. And if you have access to fresh fruits like peaches, nectarines, apples, or honey-drizzled pear, you'll find the caramelized flavors perfect for smokiness. The next time you're out for pizza with friends and are inevitably about to over-order, rest assured that your leftovers will have a delicious second life at home with only a few minutes on the grill.

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