Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown turns 25

GEORGETOWN, Texas - Georgetown is celebrating its 25th annual Red Poppy Festival this weekend.

"Red Poppy is like the festival to come to," said Caryn, an attendee.

There’s shopping, food trucks, and a lineup of bands performing, but the star of the show is in the name - Red Poppies.

"It's bright and beautiful and red and perfect," said Cari Miller, the tourism manager for Georgetown.

She said these pops of red are so unique to the city that in 1990, the governor named Georgetown "the Red Poppy Capital of Texas."

"I love everything about red poppies," said Caryn. "Everything."

The flower's roots dig deep.

In WW1, a Georgetown soldier sent his mom a pack of seeds from France.

"She planted them in her yard, and every year they reseed themselves, and they bloom," said Miller.

The house where Georgetown’s red poppies started sits on 7th Street, part of the historic downtown area.

While the flowers don’t grow here anymore, it’s not hard to find them.

"Our mom loved going out there and just looking at the flowers and whatnot so yeah, now we definitely try to nurture the flowers," said James Wade.

He now owns and rents out his childhood home in Georgetown.

It’s been in the family for three generations and is right across the street from the birthplace of red poppies in Georgetown.

His family decided to embrace the flowers.

Each spring, Wade’s yard is freckled with pops of red.

"It's a very special, unique thing that I think sets Georgetown apart," said Wade.

Over the years, the poppies flourished alongside the festival and its community.

"It's really fun seeing everybody together and bringing people from out of town and supporting Georgetown," said Justin Key, who is showing off his ‘67 Camaro at the festival. "It's really cool."

Now, something as small as a red poppy has bloomed to mean something much more to this community.

"I think it brings unity to our city," said Miller. "If you notice, they’re planted all over town. I think people take great pride in the poppies because they look so beautiful."

The festival runs until Sunday.

Organizers already have the 2025 date set for April 25-27.