Here’s The Real Reason Connor Doesn’t Want To Go Away For Treatment On Y&R

Is Connor playing his parents?
Is Connor playing his parents?
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Chelsea and Adam are eager to do anything they need to in order to get Connor the help his doctors insist he needs on The Young and the Restless. Except on the Tuesday, March 19 episode of Y&R Connor told Adam and Chelsea he didn’t want to go to the psychiatric facility that the therapist suggested for him. Is it because he’s scared? Because he doesn’t want to be stigmatized? Because he is used to getting his own way at all times? Or is it because he’s scared of the adults figuring out he’s…faking it soap opera style?

Side Eye

For a kid who self-diagnosed himself with anxiety and went ahead and picked out a therapeutic boarding school, Connor (Judah Mackey, who had an adventure earlier this year) sure isn’t eager to accept his doctor’s diagnosis of Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or accept her treatment plan. It could be a control issue, of course. Only Connor gets to decide what’s wrong with Connor. Or it could be that he’s making up his symptoms and doesn’t want to risk an outing by an expert.

Why Not?

Why would he do such a thing? Well, because, from his first appearance in Genoa City, Connor has needed to be the center of attention at all times. Not just with Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and Adam (Mark Grossman), but with Sally (Courtney Hope), with Billy (Jason Thompson), and even with the poor, late Rey (Jordi Vilasuso, who experienced a miracle this year). And he seems to be losing that spotlight these days.

I Learned It From You, Mom

Do you know who is the center of attention these days, though? Chelsea. Why? Because she tried to commit suicide. Ever since Chelsea started telling everyone to cross her path about her mental issues, Chelsea has been not just fawned over and venerated, but forgiven all of her sins. Hey, Connor may have thought to himself, that sounds good.

Make It Up as You Go Along

Chelsea and Adam are always talking about how smart Connor is. Well, odds are good Connor is smart enough to have Googled his parents. This is where he would have found out that his dad once faked going blind as well as a mental illness, both to get out of legal trouble. And Chelsea faked a mental breakdown to avoid going to prison for almost killing Rey.

What if Connor did something at school that he knew would get him into trouble down the line? And he had the brilliant idea to fake OCD (those symptoms are also easily Googleable and it’s a diagnosis of self-reporting; there’s no medical test for it) in order to deflect attention. If his crime ever does come out, Chelsea and Adam will throw their arms around Connor and sob, “Not our precious, innocent baby! Sure, he may have done something wrong. But can’t you see that he’s suffering now! No one suffering should ever have to face consequences for their actions. What kind of monster would suggest otherwise.”

He’s home free, and the center of the universe again. Win, win, win. This is Victor’s (Eric Braeden) grandson we’re talking about. Victor will burst with pride when he hears how Connor played his entire family…”The brilliant boy gets that from me!” we can imagine Victor saying.

Of course, while this potential idea is pure soapy fun, we suspect The Young and the Restless is likely playing a real story of Connor suffering from OCD, especially since they filmed the PSA about it, which you can see below. If you or someone you know is dealing with these symptoms, visit for more information.