QuietKat Unleashes Hybrid Electric Bike, But Where Does It Fit In?

Is this a do-it-all e-bike or a confused bike trying to fit into many moulds?<p>QuietKat</p>
Is this a do-it-all e-bike or a confused bike trying to fit into many moulds?


QuietKat has always been focused on outdoor utility bikes, including bikes like the Apex Pro and other hunting/backcountry bikes. However, recently they have branched out slightly to include a cafe-style urban electric bike that is meant to bridge the gap between urban commuter and backcountry utility bike, a bike they have named The Lynx.

Quick Specs

  • Motor: 1000W Rear Hub Drive (VP0™)

  • Battery: 20Ah/48V 960Wh

  • Range: Up to 60 miles

  • Torque: 82 Nm

  • Class: Can be altered to Class 1, 2, 3 or unrestricted

  • Load Capacity: 300 lbs

  • Dual-suspension designed for off-road use

Where Does It Fit?

Upon first glance, the Lynx really draws your eye to its moto-inspired design akin to many other electric bikes on the market. The long saddle, big headlight, dual-crown fork and overall look just screams "Motorcycle!!" This is a popular look amongst city/urban dwellers who want the look of a motorcycle but the feel or utility of an electric bike.

But if you take a closer look at the specs, components and accessories available, you start to see that QuietKat is looking to connect to more than just the urban commuter demographic. With dual-suspension and larger tires built for off-road use, as well as attachment points for accessories like a pull-behind trailer and cargo/pannier bags, all of a sudden, the Lynx starts to look like a backcountry bruiser that can haul you and your gear to some incredibly remote areas.

The potential problem with having a bike that does many things and tries to appeal to multiple categories of users is that it may do a few things well but not anything spectacularly. Many users are looking for a bike that fills a very specific need, and if a bike does some of the things that they are looking for but not other important options, they may decide against buying one that is more 'do everything' as opposed to a category-specific bike.

With that in mind, I decided to discuss the merits of this from two angles to see if I could justify either side in my head.

The Debate Rages On

Urban Commuter: The QuietKat Lynx electric bike is clearly designed for urban commuting. Just look at its sleek Cafe Moto-inspired design and innovative VPO™ Technology. With its 1000w hub-drive motor and ability to switch between different modes, it's perfect for easily navigating city streets. Plus, the connectivity features like the QuietKat app and GPS monitoring ensure safety and convenience for urban riders.

Backcountry Enthusiast: While the Lynx excels in urban settings, it's equally well-suited for backcountry adventures. Its powerful motor and versatility in mode selection make it capable of tackling rugged trails and off-road terrain. And let's not forget about the comfort and durability of its design elements, like the synthetic leather saddle and HALO headlight. These features make it ideal for exploring the great outdoors.

Urban Commuter: I see your point, but urban commuting is where the Lynx truly shines. Its agility and maneuverability make it perfect for navigating crowded streets and tight spaces. The QuietKat app provides real-time tracking and maintenance reminders so urban riders can stay connected and informed on their journeys.

Backcountry Enthusiast: That's true, but let's not underestimate the Lynx's ability to handle backcountry trails. Its powerful motor and durable construction make it capable of easily conquering challenging terrain. Plus, the versatility to switch between different modes ensures that riders can adapt to various off-road conditions.

Urban Commuter: While the Lynx may be versatile enough to handle backcountry adventures, its focus on urban commuting sets it apart. The combination of style, technology, and convenience makes it the ultimate choice for city dwellers looking for a reliable and efficient mode of transportation.

Backcountry Enthusiast: Fair point, but let's not overlook the Lynx's potential as a backcountry electric bike. Its rugged design and powerful motor make it a formidable companion for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adrenaline-fueled adventures off the beaten path. Whether navigating city streets or blazing trails in the wilderness, the QuietKat Lynx electric bike is a true jack-of-all-trades.



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Without taking the Lynx out for an extended test, it is hard to know exactly where it fits in terms of category. My initial impression is that it suits the city dweller who wants to do the occasional off-road adventure. However, that may be due to my personal experience as an avid backcountry user who doesn't initially look at the Lynx and immediately think of it as a backcountry/off-road vehicle.

QuietKat does have a great reputation as an off-road electric bike manufacturer, so it is hard for me to think that they haven't put a massive amount of thought into what this bike can (and will) be used for.

Hopefully, I can get my hands on the Lynx to try it out for myself, but until then, the discussion will continue. But like any other purchase, be diligent about your research and think about how any electric bike will fit into your lifestyle and where its strong and weak points can work to your advantage or disadvantage. Spend time thinking hard about what suits you best, and then go from there.

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