PUMA Hoops Launches Gremlins Apparel & Sneaker Collection

There are three simple rules when dealing with Gremlins: Keep them away from light, do not get them wet, and never (ever) feed them after midnight. Fortunately, the PUMA x GREMLINS Collection is not quite so demanding.

PUMA Hoops is debuting the PUMA x Gremlins Collection, a fusion of iconic style and 1980s nostalgia. This exclusive collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products brings fans a unique blend of fashion and film, featuring Gizmo and Gremlin leader Stripe from the Warner Bros. classic 1984 movie.

The mismatched shoe pair is a visual masterpiece, showcasing Gizmo on one and Stripe on the other, symbolizing the eternal battle between good and evil. The design includes the two heads on the back of the shoes and mismatched colors that signify the duality of their nature. The furry tongue, reminiscent of a Mogwai, adds a playful touch, capturing the essence of the film.

Sneakers from the PUMA x Gremlins Collection.<p>PUMA</p>
Sneakers from the PUMA x Gremlins Collection.


Beyond the captivating aesthetics, these shoes are crafted with cutting-edge technology. The All-Pro NITRO silhouette guarantees superior support and comfort thanks to PUMA's innovative NITROFOAM. Engineered mesh on the upper enhances breathability and flexibility, making these shoes perfect for both style enthusiasts and athletes.

In addition to the shoe, this capsule collection will include a Gremlins-inspired hoodie, tees, and sweatpants. The PUMA x Gremlins Collection will launch on Friday, December 8. Fans can shop the collection for $45-$140 at PUMA.com, the PUMA NYC flagship store, and select retailers worldwide. Stay locked into Men's Journal Sneakers for all your daily footwear news.

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