Pro Skier 'Teton Brown' Recovers Lost Helmet Camera Two Weeks Later

Teton Brown, aka Tristan Brown, describes this classic lost-Insta-360-situation as "a classic case of lost and found. I set this flip pretty hard due to the downhill takeoff."

Watch camera jammed in the snow, and the clip that was on it (it's huge), below.

Tristan definitely didn't over-hype how hard he sent things: even on the camera, the cliff looks big, and we all know how detrimental the GoPro effect can be.

Tristan explains that he thinks the camera came off due to hitting the edge of the cliff as he took off, and he comically hollered “Ejecto seato cuz!”

The camera and Tristan went their separate ways, but magically, 2 weeks later, Brown came back to conduct a "search and rescue" mission.

After about 30 minutes of searching, Tristan (and the rest of us) were rewarded with this high-octane clip.

Some would like to know if Tristan landed the air. In his own words, "the camera strategically kept it a mystery."

And that is all we need to know.

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