Precious Macaw Is the Picture of Bliss While Enjoying a Well-Deserved Massage

Most of us enjoy an occasional massage because it instantly melts away tension and stress, leaving us feeling relaxed and calm. If you'd like to feel that way right now, this video that Eddie's Flight Club shared of him giving his Macaw a massage will do it! The video was shared on Monday, April 15th, and you'll feel yourself melt as you watch it.

The clip is only 17 seconds long, but the bliss on the Macaw's face says it all. Watch as the bird enjoys his rub down, and prepare to feel yourself relaxing, too!

Talk about relaxation! The Macaw thoroughly enjoyed every second of the massage, and probably didn't want it to end when his dad stopped! One Eddie's Flight Club commenter said, "Beautiful connection… my macaw loves that too!"

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Cool Unknown Fact About Parrots

Growing up, my family had a parrot named Otis. My parents still have him, and he's in his late 40's now. He's like a sibling to all of us! Otis is an Amazon parrot, which are known for being big talkers. He has a huge vocabulary, not to mention all of the sounds that he can mimic. Macaws also mimic sounds, and while they don't talk as much as some parrots do, they can learn words and phrases.

But there is something that all parrots love, and that's music. Of course, the birds don't understand the lyrics, but they do react to music like we do. Our parrot Otis' favorite song is 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm", and he can sing it and whistle it.

Birds also enjoy singing to and with each other. Researchers at Emory University found that when female birds hear birdsongs, they respond to the music similarly to how people do. Pathways that the human brain employs when it listens to music are the same ones that a bird brain employs. It's a pretty cool fact!  Males responded differently though. They had a variety of different responses to music, and some music even made male birds angry.

How can you tell if a parrot is enjoying a tune? You'll see them bob and weave, move back and forth, or display other physical responses to songs just like we do. They might not be on beat with the music, but you can tell they're groovin' with it! Birds also respond to genres of music differently. Some like calming classical music while others like louder music that perks them up. Like people, each bird has its own preference. So if you have a pet parrot or are thinking about getting one, make sure to play all types of music for it so that you can see which kind it likes the best. Then play the same songs over and over and in no time your parrot will be singing right along!

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