Pit Bull Insists To Be Carried in His Bed Like the King He Is in Funny Video

Animals can sometimes be quite amusing or entertaining. Whether that's a cat, a dog, or a parrot, they all have distinct personalities that make you wonder if they're actually animals and not humans.

The owner of the rescue Pit Bull Mula captured such an amusing moment on video, posted on October 17, and it's hilarious! Let's watch it!

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Clearly, he thinks he's the king of the castle.

Well, it seems as if Mula has decided to take the concept of "living like a king" quite literally!

My Pit Bull honestly acts the same. But not because he thinks he is the king of the castle, but more so because he's just lazy.

Mula probably thinks, "I'm not just any dog; I'm a royal canine!"

A royal canine who demands nothing less than a throne carry, that's right.

It's obvious that his bed isn't just a comfy spot; it's his regal carriage. So, why move away from the bed when you can just be transported with the bed, like a king?

All Mula needs now is a crown and a robe, so the "King of Comfort" can continue to reign supreme.

Maybe it's just a bully thing, or maybe all dogs act like this?

As a Pit Bull owner, my dog always wants royal treatment. He got me under his spell to the point where I let him sleep in my bed, only so I could get some good night's sleep, because if he were to sleep in his bed, he would toss and turn, and his bed is as comfy as Mula's bed.

Dogs. Am I right?

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