Peyton and Eli Manning Get Hilariously Roasted by Celebrities in 'ManningCast' Audition Clip

Peyton and Eli Manning are set to host the third season of their popular ManningCast on Sept. 11, EPSN's live television broadcast of Monday Night Football. And a new promo clip hyping the upcoming season illustrates why the former quarterback brothers won't be taking on a third host anytime soon.

In the clip, described as Manningcast auditions going "off the rails," the Manning brothers interview some of the biggest names in sports for an ostensible third chair, as well as a handful of notable celebrities. All in all, they rack up 35 total cameos, nearly all of whom roast Peyton and Eli in some capacity. The list includes Patrick Mahomet, LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne, DJ Khaled, Mike Tyson, Howie Mandel, Reese Witherspoon, Lil Wayne, Will Arnett, Kenan Thompson, Sarah Silverman, Stephen A. Smith, Pat McAfee, and Roger Goodell.

Eventually, the pair give up, leaving Tom Brady and a random dog in the waiting room as the lights cut out. Brady, who is also planning to join Fox Sports in 2024, takes the opportunity to poke fun at never-ending rumors that he might once again come out of NFL retirement.

"Nah, I didn't get the ManningCast job," the 46-year-old tells someone on the other end of the phone, who is presumably not his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen. "I guess I'll just come back and play football again."

According to Deadline, the segments featuring actors and comedians were filmed before the SAG-AFTRA strike. Nicole Solomowitz, head of talent for Peyton Manning's production company Omaha Productions, which produces the show, said that she began getting incoming calls from athletes and celebrities expressing interest soon after word began to spread about the "cattle-call" concept of the promo.

You can watch the full seven-minute clip below.