Ozempic and other weight loss drugs are growing in popularity. How do you feel about them?

Wegovy and Victoza, two GLP-1 medications
Wegovy and Victoza, two GLP-1 medications. (Getty Images)

As a writer for Yahoo Life, I’m always paying attention to the conversations people are having about weight loss, diet culture and health. Recently, however, many of those conversations are focused on one thing: the use of GLP-1 medications like Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro, which many people use to treat diabetes but have also become popular for those looking to lose or maintain weight. It’s clear from the comments on our many articles about the topic that Yahoo readers have opinions on these drugs and their place in society — whether they’ve taken them personally or not. We’re opening up this space for conversation: Tell us your feelings on these weight loss drugs either in the comments section below, by email at heylifeeditors@yahooinc.com or through this Google Form. Your thoughts may be featured in an upcoming story.

Here are some things we want to know

  • Have you taken drugs for weight loss? What was your experience like?

  • If you’ve lost weight in the past without the use of drugs, do you wish you could do it differently now?

  • Do you see drugs like Ozempic as the “easy way out”?

  • Are you concerned about any side effects of this medication? Have you experienced any negative side effects after you took these medications?

  • Do you believe there’s a stigma against people who are using these drugs? What do you think about it?

  • What are the benefits of these drugs? Any inspiring stories to share?

  • Do you have a friend or family member taking weight loss drugs? What has it been like for you during their journey?

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