Ohio Dog Who Spent 600 Days in a Shelter Goes to Forever Home in True Style

A shelter dog from Ohio that had a horrific start to his journey and nearly 600 days waiting for his happily ever after has finally found it thanks to the wonderful people at the Euclid Animal Shelter in Euclid, Ohio and the family who decided to give him all the care he deserves.

Chester, a Pit Bull pup was adopted on Monday and went to his new home in a limousine while shelter workers and volunteers shed tears and applauded the resilient pup.

Here's sweet Chester when he first came to the shelter after being saved from horrific conditions. Chester was found with four other dogs abandoned in a home, chained up wearing a prong collar, with no food or water.  The chain on his collar was so short he could only sit, stand, or lay down. Chester weighed only 33 pounds when he was rescued. He had multiple wounds all over his body, he was heart worm positive, and he was suffering from mange.

The Euclid Animal Shelter told WDTN, "Chester was completely skin and bones. The dog couldn’t even lay down. He had his paw stuck in a prong collar, and he was a mess. He had to be carried out after a little bit because he could not stand,” said Kyrie Brickman, kennel manager for the shelter.

Chester spent 587 days at the shelter where he was transformed from near death to a "chonky, resilient, hilarious, and utterly lovable character." The heartbreak of this situation is that even after Chester had numerous inquiries, he never found his forever home, until Monday.

Just look at this beautiful update!

Euclid Pet Pals posted on Facebook, "CHESTER IS HOME!! We cannot be more thankful to everyone involved in making his dream come true of finding his very own forever home! We are working on making a video of all the clips from today, but we cannot thank enough each and every person who shared his story over his time at the shelter! We already received an update from his mom who says he is already snoozing from his big day! She is making him his favorite meal tonight, and that is meatballs!"

I'm not crying, you're crying!

Chester sounds like he is just going to have the most wonderful home ever. There's nothing better than a rescue dog finally getting all the love and care he deserves, especially one as deserving as Chester. Such a wonderful, happy ending. I can't even imagine how thrilled the shelter was for Chester to finally get adopted.

If you would like to support the amazing rescue Euclid Animal Shelter either by making a donation, fostering an animal, volunteering or adopting your very own, you can visit their website here.

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