Oakland SCPA Makes Plea for Volunteers to Take Big Dogs for Sleepovers

When you think about how to help shelter dogs you may think you need to make a long commitment or a large donation in order to do so, but there are many shelters all across the United States that would welcome you taking a dog even for just a one night sleepover.

The East Bay SPCA is one of these shelters, and they are calling on volunteers to take a big pup for a night.

Pleasantonweekly explains, "The East Bay SPCA is looking for people who can take large dogs out of the shelter on day trips or a sleepover.

“These dogs have been with East Bay SPCA for weeks or months and are struggling in the shelter environment despite the shelter’s best efforts to provide them with the attention and care they need,” the animal shelter said in a press release Friday.

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With shelter overcrowding and so many shelters at capacity, these day trips and overnights are just a wonderful way to get a dog out of the shelter for a break and to have some much needed love and care. If you don't like in the area, you can check with your own local animal shelter to see if they offer day outings and overnights for their shelter dogs.

How To Prepare Your Home for a Foster Dog Sleepover

The EastBay SPCA explains on their website, we have options from taking a dog out on for a day, for a sleepover at your home or fostering them. All of these programs give our dogs some special time to let out some energy out and relax with you. The amazing photos, videos and stories you share with us can also help them get adopted faster too!We just love this idea, and it's such a fantastic way to give back.

Check with the shelter to see which dogs do okay around other pets, especially if you have cats or dogs in the home.

Ask if they require any special medications or special dietary needs, if any. Make sure you have the correct food to give them, and most shelters will supply you with food for the duration of their stay. Ask what sort of treats they are allowed, and where they are used to sleeping. Make sure you have a leash for them, and any security items they are used to.

Take lots of pictures, because like the shelter above says, they can use these candid shots of the dogs on their adoption pages in order to get them adopted faster.

Give your foster lots of love, affection and exercise, because one-on-one attention is what these dogs need most.

Fostering is such a wonderful thing to do, whether you do it for a month or just a night. Check with your local Humane Society for opportunities in your area.

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