Nara Smith's Viral TikTok Videos Inspire Viewers To Experiment In The Kitchen

Nara Smith
TikTok | Nara Smith

Nara Smith certainly knows how to inspire an audience with her interesting and over-the-top recipes.

The model and TikTok content creator is well known for her DIY recipes from Snickers bars to crackers and everything in between. She has many viewers wondering if they're lazy or she's just a bit extra (but in a good way).

Smith recently shared a video showing what happens when she runs out of condiments in her house, and viewers are in awe!

Nara Smith Shared A 'Quick Little Restock' Of Condiments In Viral Video

Nara Smith
TikTok | Nara Smith

What happens when you go to the fridge and realize you're all out of ketchup or ranch dressing?

For most people, a trip to the store is in their future, but not for Smith. She just whips up a new batch while dressed to the nines.

"When making dinner tonight, I realized we were all out of our condiments, so I decided to do a little restock," she said in her viral video on TikTok. "Today, we're making some ketchup, ranch, barbecue sauce, and hot sauce."

She first started with her ketchup by combining tomato paste, honey, vinegar and water in a pot and simmering on the stove.

While letting that cool, she moved on to making her ranch.

"I like a lot of herbs in it, but you can tone that down if you want," she said as she chopped up a generous portion of parsley, dill, and chives. She added the herbs to a bowl with some mayonnaise, sour cream, and whole milk. After mixing it up, she added some fresh squeezed lemon juice, salt, and cracked black pepper.

Nara Smith Then Made Some Homemade Hot Sauce And Barbecue Sauce

Then it was time to start on the hot sauce. Smith chopped up some Fresno chilis and added some garlic to that in a pot, as well as black peppercorn, vinegar, and water.

"Then I simmered that for 20 minutes on the stove while I made my barbecue sauce," she said. "I combined the ketchup we made earlier with some brown sugar, vinegar, and some other seasoning, and letting that thicken on the stove, and once it hits the thickness I wanted, I transferred that over to a bowl to cool."

Smith then blended up her peppers and strained them.

She added her freshly made condiments to their designated, labeled containers and bottles and called it a day.

Smith's video received more than 11.1 million views and 10,000 comments.

"Every time I see a Nara Smith video I’m left wondering if I’m just lazy," one person wrote in the comment section.

Another added, "Seriously she really needs her own cooking show because I’m so inspired. I don’t even have the energy just to squeeze the ketchup out of my kitchen, but to make it, I’ll give you so much credit."

Nara Smith Recently Made Her Kids An Impressive Homemade Treat!

Nara Smith
TikTok | Nara Smith

Another recent viral video shows how Smith made her kids a homemade copy of a popular store-bought snack.

"My kids aren't big snackers, but today they requested some Cheez-Its after seeing them at the grocery store the other day, so I decided to just make them some," she said. "These are super simple and quick to make."

First, she shredded some cheddar cheese and then added the cheese, salt, and butter into her mixer. After mixing until it was combined, she added some flour and "really cold water." Once it's all combined, she forms it into a "disc" and spreads it onto some plastic wrap before putting it into the fridge for about an hour and a half.

"After it's chilled I pull it back out, usually I cut it in half, so it's easier to handle before using my rolling pin to get it as thin as I can," she said. "And then slice it in whatever shape I want."

Smith then lined up the little squares on some parchment paper and used the end of a chopstick to put a little hole in the middle, just like the store-bought ones. They then go into the oven for about 10 minutes.

Nara Smith's Viewers Are Impressed And Inspired

With more than 16 million views, 7,700 comments, and 91,000 saves, it's safe to say Smith's followers are loving the foodie inspiration she's sharing.

One viewer asked, "How do you know how to make everything literally EVERYTHING," which seems like a very valid question. She does seem to know how to make everything!

Many other viewers want to know when a "Nara Smith cookbook" will become a reality. And others just love the inspiration she's providing.

"Watching your videos has helped my cooking anxiety and given me some cool skills to use," one person shared. Another added, "Ms Nara inspired me to get a cookbook and start to learn cooking."

When Nara Smith Isn't Creating Magic In The Kitchen, She Models!


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Smith and her husband Lucky Blue Smith are parents to three, daughters Rumble Honey and Whimsy Lou, and son Slim Easy.

When she's not being supermom and making amazing meals from scratch, she works as a model. She often shares modeling photos on her Instagram page.

With more than 3.2 million followers, she gets tons of positive comments on her photos.

"How is your body perfect after making a child from scratch???" one person wrote on a recent carousel of modeling photos. Another added, "Absolutely stunning Nara."