Michigan Golden Retriever Runs To Neighbor's House for Help After His Human Collapsed

In early April of this year a woman named Cathie McCammon of Saginaw County, Michigan, collapsed on her bathroom floor. McCammon suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and when she passed out her Golden Retriever dog, Bentley, did something absolutely remarkable.

Due to this dog's heroic actions his owner feels like he saved her life.

After McCammon collased Bentley somehow got out of the house and ran a few doors down to where McCammon's nephew lives. WSAZ reports, "She says somehow, Bentley got out of the house and sniffed his way to her nephew’s Travis’ house a few doors away. He began scratching at the door and window to get the family’s attention.

“He just went up on the door and scratched at the window. They saw it was him, and Travis said, ‘Well, that’s Bentley. I better get him back home. I bet Cathie doesn’t even know he got out of the house,’” McCammon said."

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When McCammon’s nephew brought Bentley home, he found his aunt passed out. By the time paramedics arrived, McCammon says her oxygen level was at 28, and her heart rate was at 24.

McCammon spent a few weeks in the hospital before being released. As for Bentley his grateful owner says that this very good boy is getting a lot of treats. The article goes on to state that McCammon said “He’s got something coming that I haven’t done yet, and that’s a steak on the grill. He will be getting one or two or maybe all summer, every week. I don’t know yet, but he’ll be getting some,” she said.

What ana amazingly smart dog to go for help like that! Dogs are just incredible and I'm sure his owner is so thankful that he saved her life. Good boy, Bentley!

Why Golden Retriever Make Great Service Dogs

Golden Retrievers are such smart dogs! <p>Africa Studio/Shutterstock</p>
Golden Retrievers are such smart dogs!

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

One of the breed characteristics of Golden Retrievers is that they are easy to train. These dogs are highly intelligent and they love pleasing their owners so they are often trained to be service dogs.

Golden Retrievers usually are friendly and  have pretty gentle temperaments, which is important for service dogs that often work closely with people, including those with disabilities. They are calm and they usually do well in crowded places which is helpful for someone using a service dog in public.

Golden Retrievers are also friendly and enjoy interacting with people. This is beneficial for service dogs as they need to work closely with their handlers and interact with people in public spaces.

As CertaPet explains, Golden Retrievers make excellent companion animals, but also great assistance animals, because of their size, temperament, friendliness, and intelligence. They’re one of the most popular service dog breeds for many reasons and have been around for centuries, always providing different kinds of assistance.

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