Michigan Dog Heroically Saves Owner Who Fell Into an Icy Lake

On Thursday, January 18, a Michigan State Police Motor Carrier Officer named Kammeron Bennetts responded to a call that a 65-year old Traverse City man had fallen through the ice in Arbutus Lake in East Bay Township. Bystanders called 911 when the man fell in.

When he arrived on the scene, Michigan State Police Motor Carrier Officer Bennets could not reach the man due to the ice conditions. That's when the man's dog named Ruby went into action. This video is so harrowing!

The press release from the Michigan State Police department reads, "He asked the man to send Ruby over to him. Ruby ran to MCO Bennetts. MCO Bennetts attached the rescue disc to Ruby’s collar and told the man to call his dog. Ruby ran back to his owner with the rescue disc. MCO Bennetts instructed the man to take the disc from Ruby and start kicking his legs. MCO Bennetts was assisted by a firefighter from Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department as they pulled the man to safety. The man was transported by ambulance to Munson Medical Center for treatment and later released."

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People Magazine reports, "Bennetts said the man thanked him afterward. "I said, 'You better give the dog a ribeye.'" The man said he was going to reward Ruby with her favorite activity. "He said, 'I'm going to take her out and go hunting."

It's so amazing in the video of how well Ruby followed directions and knew just what to do, and such fast thinking by Officer Bennetts. I think they both deserve a ribeye at the very least!

What To Do if Your Dog Falls Through Ice

If your dog is unable to get out of frozen water, immediately call 911. Never go in after your dog and leave the rescuing to the firefighters or police officers.

If your dog fell into a frozen pond or lake and manages to get out, you need to dry them off quickly and watch out for signs of hypothermia and frostbite. Wrap them in a warm blanket and if possible have someone sit in the car holding them close. Take your dog to the veterinarian or emergency veterinarian immediately.

When walking your dog in winter, never let them walk on a frozen pond unless you have also seen snowmobiles driving across the water. Seeing cracks in the ice is a sure sign the water is not safe to walk on. Keep your pup on a shorter leash so you can keep them from getting into any ponds or lakes, and never let them walk off-leash in winter is you are strolling near a pond or lake.

Exercise is wonderful for dogs in all sorts of weather, but special precautions should be taken when it's very cold out. It's always better to be safe rather than sorry, especially when it comes to our fur babies.

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