Megan Fox Makes Puzzling Confession About Relationship Status With MGK

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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

Fans have spent quite some time speculating on the status of Megan Fox's relationship with MGK, and now, they're finally getting some answers.

While chatting with Call Her Daddy podcast host Alex Cooper, the 37-year-old actress addressed her relationship with the 33-year-old rapper–whom she announced she was engaged to in January 2022 and then cryptically accused of cheating a year later–in only so many words.

"What I’ve learned about being in this relationship is that it’s not for public consumption,” she shared. “So, I think as of now, I don’t have a comment on the status of the relationship per se.”

“What I can say is that [he] is what I refer to as being my twin soul, and there will always be a tether to him no matter what," Fox added before hinting that there may be trouble in paradise. "I cannot say for sure what the capacity will be, but I will always be connected to him somehow. Beyond that, I’m not willing to explain.”

The two were last photographed together in Aspen in December 2023, and while her recent comments can certainly be interpreted in several different ways, the Jennifer's Body star made one thing very clear: what's going on between the "don't let me go" rapper and the movie star will stay between just the two of them. At least for now.

Should there be wedding bells or the two decide to officially call it quits and break up, then Fox may change her mind about letting the public in. But if not, fans will just have to sit tight.

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