The McDonald's App Deal You Can Only Find In The U.K.

A person scrolls on the McDonald's app
A person scrolls on the McDonald's app - 8th.creator/Shutterstock

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With exclusive menu deals and speedy ordering capabilities, fast food apps are usually worth the sacrifice of some phone storage. With the frequent offerings of free food and lower-priced meal options, the McDonald's app is among the best of the bunch. (Still, the app knows more than you think, so do your research before downloading.)

While the app has been a good choice for many customers, some folks have it better than others, and McDonald's patrons from the U.K. have a lot to be happy about with the app. That's because U.K. customers are lucky enough to have access to a little something called McDonald's Mondays. This weekly in-app deal is available every Monday to customers both new and old. The deal is different each week and is available to redeem all day long (although a breakfast offering might be exclusive to the morning, so customers should keep their notifications on just in case.)

This deal is exclusive to app users in the U.K., so some of us in America might be moderately seething with jealousy. Once we get into specifics, you might understand more as to why.

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Why We're Jealous Of McDonald's Mondays

The My McDonald's UK app
The My McDonald's UK app - Ascannio/Shutterstock

While McDonald's does offer tempting deals to all its customers, McDonald's Mondays have proven to be a whole other thing. U.K. customers are offered some especially affordable menu offerings from a McDonald's Monday menu. One such deal included a Quarter Pounder with Cheese selling for just £1.49 ($1.87). Usually the sandwich retails for £4.99 ($6.27). Another deal that was offered was for the classic Big Mac. While this burger usually sells for £3.49 ($4.38), it was going for just 99p ($1.24) during one McDonald's Monday.

For McDonald's enthusiasts in the U.K., all you have to do is download the McDonald's app to start receiving these affordable offers. Just order your meal through the app and pick it up at the store via drive-thru, click & serve, takeaway, or sit and enjoy in the restaurant. That's all it takes to save. (But make sure to read the app's terms and conditions first to know what you're getting into.)

For those outside of the U.K., don't get too jealous. There are plenty of good deals available through the McDonald's app for everyone in other countries too.

Exclusive Deals For Everyone With The McDonald's App

A sign for McDonald's rewards
A sign for McDonald's rewards - Tada Images/Shutterstock

While not everyone has access to McDonald's Mondays, app users worldwide have access to MyMcDonald's Rewards. Every time patrons download the McDonald's app, customers are required to join MyMcDonald's Rewards to use it. This reward system is free to join and helps McDonald's customers save money by racking up points every time they order something. The more points earned means more offers for free food.

For every dollar spent on eligible items, app users will receive 100 points. Once they've reached 1,500 points, customers can start reaping the benefit of free menu items like a cheeseburger, McChicken, hash browns, or even a free vanilla cone. Points offerings aside, every new app user gets a free large fries with a purchase just for signing up. So, even if there's not a specific day for deals for those outside of the U.K., the saving potential is there for everyone any day of the week.

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