Maxine Waters Wears Trendiest Denim Jacket of the Season While Protesting Donald Trump

maxine waters denim jacket
Representative Maxine Waters (pictured above in 2014) is emerging as a vocal opponent of Donald Trump and his administration. This weekend she attended Tax March rallies in D.C. (Photo: AP)

For weeks, California representative Maxine Waters has been standing up to, or picking fights with (depending on your political stance), some of the most powerful men in America.

She was unfazed by Bill O’Reilly’s recent off-putting joke about her hair. She has also been quite clear about how she feels about Donald Trump since he was elected in November, addressing him as “not normal” and his Cabinet as “a bunch of scumbags,” among other public displays of shade. Waters — or Auntie Maxine, as the 20-somethings in the media have anointed her — has markedly increased her national profile, standing up for her constituents against a regime she clearly has little regard for.

Perhaps that defiant, youthful attitude is what sparked her to wear such a casual, albeit exceptionally trendy, ensemble while attending this weekend’s Tax March protests against the 45th president of the United States.

Rather than any of the staid old power suits that most political insiders seem to sport (unless they’re on the golf course, of course), Waters stepped out in one of the more trendy denim jackets of the season. Her fans on social media seemed to endorse her denim-clad stance.

I'm thrilled to be speaking at the #Taxmarch in Washington DC to demand that this lying President release his taxes. What is Trump hiding?

A post shared by Congresswoman Maxine Waters (@repmaxinewaters) on Apr 15, 2017 at 9:13am PDT

gigi45s: Classy! Elegant! Intelligent! Relevant! Servant Leader! Thank you @repmaxinewaters

nickdvrj: Yasssss Auntie…looking fabulous but she aint come out to play…☝️❤❤❤

abrightstarinadarksky: You looking gorgeous ma’am!

ern_wife: Aunt Maxine u are sooooo cute ????

A few rather vocal and persistent detractors on her social media didn’t share those positive vibes and apparently felt it necessary to repeat the dismissive remark Bill O’Reilly hurled at her a few weeks back, calling her hairstyle a “James Brown wig.”

kbcooking: Loving that James Brown wig!!! Such a hypocrite !!!!

If you’re not dissuaded by the above poignant critique, you’ll be happy to know that “Auntie Maxine’s” style choice this weekend is much more attainable than political clout. You can find the piece in either a higher-end version at Bloomingdale’s for under $80 or a more budget-friendly design for just over $32 at Forever 21.

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