Martin Short Is Trending as Fans Jump to His Defense: 'International Treasure'

Martin Short is the latest subject of a scathing article online, and his fans just are't having it.

It all started with an article published by Slate on Friday, Sept. 8, which brought the Only Murders in the Building star's acting skills into question—but luckily, his fans have his back.

After the aforementioned article called Short "desperately unfunny" and accused him of doing "anything for a laugh," Short's fans are writhing with anger online, with many taking to X (formerly Twitter) to voice their opinions.

In response to the article, which was titled "Why We Keep Putting Up With Martin Short," one person clapped back, "Because Martin Short has incredible comedic timing and steals almost every scene he’s in."

"Leave it to Slate to be angry about an extremely talented man in his 70’s," the same user added.

"A hit piece on Martin Short? Who hurt you?" someone else fired. "He's a good actor, terrific comedian and if you don't see it, that's your failure. I sure wouldn't be advertising my stupidity in print. BTW, I worked w/him once - one of the sweetest people ever. #OMITB."

Another user quipped, "No matter who you are or how bad your day is, at least you're not the guy who wrote that f--king Martin Short article."

"martin short is an international treasure," another post read. "how dare someone besmirch him like this."

Even Hulu made a subtle statement on the situation, standing behind the Emmy-winning actor with a post that read, "Martin Short, confirmed funny guy."

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Others decided to look back on some of Short's most iconic roles and interview moments, including one fan who said Short is the "top 5 funniest person to be put in front of a camera," while sharing a snippet from an Arrested Development episode.

Another fan shared their favorite scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm, while posting a snippet of Short acting alongside Larry David.

Scroll through the posts below to see some fans' favorite on-screen moments of Short through the years:

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