Mandy Moore Already Knows Her Resolution for 2024—Here's Exactly What She's Hoping To 'Get Back on Track'

Mandy Moore



One scroll through Mandy Moore's Instagram page will give you a pretty good idea of what the multi-hyphenate star's life is like. Moore, 39, is the mother of two adorable little boys, and she appears to have it completely together when it comes to everything from her marriage and career to motherhood.

Moore insists that isn't the case, though—particularly when managing holiday stress. "Can anyone give me some helpful hints?" Moore asked Parade, with a laugh. "I feel like every day looks a little different, so it's important to give yourself grace and do your best to stay present. Time is such a crazy idea, and I'm really locked into this concept of being a parent and having a one-year-old and a two-and-a-half-year-old. I do my best to stay present because it's all so fleeting."

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As any parent of young kids knows, kids get sick all the time. And Moore is the first to admit that the stickiness that comes with cold weather only compounds holiday stress. "I have two kids with RSV right now and it's crazy. They were up all night coughing and one was throwing up. It's stressful, and staying present is the hardest part of the human condition, but it's one that I try to practice with as much consistency as I can."

#1 Tip for Thriving During the Holidays

Speaking of health and the holiday season, Moore has a tip we can all appreciate: indulge! "I'm not going to shy away from letting myself indulge in a good cocktail and cookies and all of the best things the season has to offer. This isn't an all-year extravaganza. We allow ourselves a little leeway during this time of year to celebrate and connect with friends and family. The new year can be a shift back to wellness and focusing on being a little healthier and a bit more mindful and intentional with what we're putting in our bodies."

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That being said, she makes sure she gets outside and walks as often as she can. "I live in Southern California, and I know not everyone has good weather in the winter, but I like to get my body outside and moving every day."

New Year's Resolution for 2024

While Moore is leaning into indulgence and light exercise during the holiday season, she says she's looking forward to hitting the reset button once the clock strikes midnight on December 31. "I've told myself 2024 is when I'm going to get back on track because I feel like I've been in mom mode and I've kind of neglected myself. We recently turned this corner where we don't have a baby-baby anymore. We have two toddlers, so I feel like things feel a little bit more manageable. I'm not nursing. So I'm going to be thinking of Mandy again next year."

In a nutshell, Moore says, she's planning to be more mindful. "I'm going to be intentional about food and dinner. Right now, I do things out of convenience. I eat off of the kids' plates when they don't finish their food. I skip meals when I'm hungry and then I tend to eat things that I shouldn't eat just cause it fills that gap and I want to be better about meal planning and having a strategy there."

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Reporting by Alexandra Hurtado.