Amanda Kloots Shares the #1 Tip She Swears by for Staying Healthy and Sane During the Holidays

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Amanda Kloots



Whether you've been following her personal journey on Instagram since 2020, watch her on CBS' The Talk or swear by her fast-paced, endorphin-filled workouts, one thing's for sure: Amanda Kloots is one of the healthiest people we know of. 

And we're not just talking about physical health. Kloots, 41, has shown tremendous mental and emotional strength over the years, too, especially with all she's been through.

What's her secret? With the holidays right around the corner, many of us are thinking about what we can do to stay both physically and mentally well, so Parade chatted with Kloots to find out. And as to be expected, she had the perfect piece of advice. 

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"I think the best thing anybody can do is keep up a routine," Kloots, who recently partnered with Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel, says. "I try to think about exercise as something as routine as taking a shower or brushing my teeth. It’s just part of my day."

If you make your self-care routine part of your day every day, she says—and it doesn't have to be in the form of exercise, it can be whatever self-care tactic works for you—it won't be easy to abandon it when the busy, stressful holiday season comes up.

"No matter how busy your day gets, if things come up during the holidays, it’s already done because it’s in your routine like taking a shower or brushing your teeth," Kloots says. "So, that's my tip: Make it a part of your day, make it non-negotiable." 

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That doesn't mean you have to have a full hour to devote to exercise, or whatever your self-care of choice is. "Some days I have 45 minutes to work out with a trainer, and I’m exhausted afterward and I feel amazing," Kloots says."Sometimes, I only have 10 minutes, so I grab my jump rope. But it doesn’t matter. It’s part of my routine, it’s part of the daily thing I do for myself, and it never slides, because it’s already slotted into my day."

She also recommends trying your absolute hardest to maintain a consistent diet, a consistent exercise routine and a strong mental health game. "Don't forget to get enough sleep, and try not to drink too much alcohol," she says.

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