Man Who Doctors Called ‘Just Fat’ Has 130-Pound Tumor Removed

roger logan tumor
Photo: Facebook

Roger Logan complained to doctors for 15 years that something was wrong regarding his weight gain. They responded that he was “just fat.” In reality, Logan had a benign tumor growing inside him for more than a decade.

Dr. Vipul Dev was the only one to properly diagnose Logan’s condition and treat it with surgery. The 57-year-old Logan had the 130-pound growth removed this week. “We are very fortunate that we can do this surgery with little to no complications,” Dev told KERO.

The tumor, likely caused by an ingrown hair, was attached to Logan’s abdomen. Its heavy weight left him confined for years to a reclining chair. Logan described living with the tumor as being like “carrying three bags of cement around you all day long, just swinging.”

Logan, who is from Gulfport, Miss., flew to California especially to benefit from Dev’s expertise.

Logan is optimistic about his recovery and shares regular updates through his Facebook page. In one photo he holds up a newspaper article about his surgery, a slight smile on his face. In a video he jokes with a nurse about giving her his autograph.

The largest tumor ever removed from a human being weighed 242 pounds and belonged to Yang Jianbin of Beijing, China. In 2014 Jianbin checked into a Beijing hospital with the massive growth coming out of his back. “We have seen neurofibromatosis patients before, but this is the biggest nerve tumor we ever saw,” said chief surgeon Chen Minliang.

The surgery to remove Jianbin’s tumor took 16 hours and required transfusing five liters of blood, more than the amount contained in an average person.

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