Lucy Hale Glued Thorns to Her Nails For New Magazine Cover

We’re used to seeing Pretty Little Liar’s Lucy Hale rocking a cheery, girly persona, but in a newly released image from Schön! Magazine, the 26-year-old is looking anything but her normal self. Hale’s usual loose waves were tied up into Bantu knots with her face made up in dark makeup for a look that was seriously reminiscent of the ‘90s. But the most shocking part of her look wasn’t her hair or makeup, but was instead her pointy (and scary) nail art. Each nail had a miniature spike protruding from it, giving her talons a serious “don’t mess with me” vibe.


Getting serious Maleficent vibes here. (Image courtesy of Instagram/sienree)

Lucy Hale’s nail artist, Natalie Minerva, actually glued real rose thorns to Lucy’s fingertips. “For this particular look, I thought that rose thorns would be powerful and badass,” Minerva tells in an interview. Inspired by the singer Bjork, the nail look was created by attaching the rose thorns and painting two coats of thick black nail polish over the entire area. Although not exactly an every day look, it was stunning to see nonetheless.

Considering the spiked nails would be too delicate for anything other than a photoshoot, it’s best to tone down the look with a DIY option using studs as your decoration of choice instead. To recreate your own version of Lucy’s look, first apply a dark black nail polish, like the Wet n’ Wild Wild Shine Nail Color in Black Crème ($1). Then, place a few nail art studs onto each nail for added texture. A good option for beginners is the Sally Hansen Nail Art Embellishments ($7) since they’re super easy to apply.

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