“Love Island”'s Alex George Shows Off Weight Loss Transformation, Says His Health Was 'Heading Towards a Car Crash'

“How did I turn my life around? I started showing up for myself,” the 33-year-old said

<p>Instagram/dralexgeorge</p> Dr. Alex George, before and after his weight loss


Dr. Alex George, before and after his weight loss
  • Dr. Alex George was a cast member on season 4 of Love Island

  • The 33-year-old lost a “life-changing amount of weight” by staying active and giving up alcohol

  • He shared photos of his physical transformation, admitting that he made so much progress because he started showing up for himself

Former Love Island star Dr. Alex George is showing off his incredible body transformation.

On May 6, the 33-year-old posted a series of photos on Instagram showing off the progress he’s made in his weight loss journey, sharing with his followers how he improved his overall health.

“How did I turn my life around? I started showing up for myself. That’s it,” he began. “I woke up on the 4th of December 2022, and promised myself that from that day forward, I would show up for myself. In everything I do. For Alex. Every day.”

“Whether I could give 3%, 40% or 100%, I just showed up. I always celebrate in my head when I walk in the gym, or put my trainers on, because that's the hardest part done. Whatever I do after that point, is a bonus. Because I showed up that day I get to move forward.”

George, a practicing doctor who was born in Wales and lives in London, rose to fame in 2018 as one of the cast members of Love Island's season 4 in the U.K. He has since dedicated his social media platform to documenting his health journey, previously noting that he doesn’t know how much he weighs because he never wants to be fixated on the number.

The reality star said he lost a “life-changing amount of weight” because he was only focused on nourishing his body and removing anything toxic.

“My health and my life was heading towards a car crash a few years ago,” George wrote. “Showing up for Alex has meant I have tackled my relationship with drinking, faced my demons, lost the weight and found love for movement again. I have made new friends, discovered new hobbies and importantly found out who I am and what I want in life.”

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<p>Instagram/dralexgeorge</p> Dr. Alex George


Dr. Alex George

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“Every day I wake up, and I promise to show up for myself for one more day. Each day the same,” he ended the post. “If you do that, you can change your life, I promise. Show up for yourself. And watch how your life changes for the better 💙”

On April 18, George celebrated 500 days of sobriety, opening up about the milestone on Instagram. Although he didn’t suffer from addiction, he said his relationship with alcohol was toxic for his health and made him sick.

“Finding sobriety has been like having the biggest hug from an old and dear friend,” he explained. “F society's idea of fun. I have found new hobbies and passions in my 30s like running and riding motorbikes, I socialise and connect with friends, and I feel so much more present and in control in life. It’s never too late to step off the roller coaster. If you are tempted to try, I say GO FOR IT.”

George thanked those who have supported his journey towards a healthier life and commended anyone who is on a similar journey.

“Choosing sobriety is the best decision I have ever made,” he said at the time. “Whether I drink again in any capacity, who knows, but I would never go back to what was. Life tastes better this way.”

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