This K-Beauty Brand May Change the Way We Buy Foundation

Korean beauty, aka K-beauty, is once again leading the charge for innovation in cosmetics. This time, beloved skincare brand Laneige is upping the ante on the perfect foundation shade match. The brand's "Bespoke Neo" service allows makeup lovers to partake in a 1:1 consultation to find the most accurate match out of the brand's 150 foundation shades. During the "personalized color diagnosis," the Laneige team member walks the customer through a series of steps before the final product is blended by a beauty robot.

First, the service starts with some skincare prep using Laneige products to ensure the face is clean and moisturized. On a tablet, customers answer a series of questions in the brand's "Skin Tone Analysis," honing in on areas like skin type and concerns. This ensures that the foundation is made with the most personalized and skin-beneficial formula possible.

Next, a color pigment wheel is placed against the consumer's skin, allowing the computer analysis to determine the precise measurement of pigments needed to create the most accurate shade match. Once the match is made, the Amorepacific-patented manufacturing robot whips up the bespoke foundation shade, pulling from the company's 150 tones and the customer's specific pigment measurements. At the end of the service, the brand packages up the personalized products and gifts a few samples of their beloved skincare products.

An appointment for a custom Laneige foundation is only available in Korea and can be made on the brand's website.

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