Kristin Cavallari's friend defends her Spring Break trip amid coronavirus outbreak: 'Use this time to be positive'

Reality star Kristin Cavallari is getting some heat for going on Spring Break amid the coronavirus pandemic, sharing a photo from her beach vacation on Instagram. Now the pal pictured in her travel photo, hairdresser Justin Anderson, is speaking out in defense of the Very Cavallari star.

On Sunday afternoon Cavallari posted a photo of herself and Anderson on a tropical beach along with the caption “Modern family Spring Break.” Judging by her InstaStories, Anderson’s boyfriend, Austin ‘Scoot’ Rhodes, is also on vacation with them, as is Cavallari’s family.

Cavallari’s photo got swift backlash in the comments with people outraged that she’d post her vacation pictures during a global pandemic and national emergency. Many followers scolded her for not practicing social distancing by staying at home.

“Imagine posting this in a time where people don’t know when or how they will be able to work and pay for food for their families,” one commenter wrote.

“GO HOME. FLATTEN THE CURVE. Privileged millionaire germs are still germs,” another said.

“Seriously? You know what’s happening in the world?” said another.

Some commenters, however, seemed to have no problem with the post at all, with one response gushing, “Oh my god PERFECTION!!!!”

Anderson quickly posted his own version of the photo along with a rebuttal.

“You go to work: People judge,” he wrote. “You social distance: People judge. Just wash your hands, keep your space,and use this time to be positive and take care of your loved ones.”

His post seemed to be more well-received, with commenters posting “Well said!!” and “Amen brother.”

This isn’t the first time Cavallari has received backlash for over a social media post. On Sept. 11 of last year, she posted a photo of herself in a low-cut minidress alongside the caption “always remember.” She later edited the post to say simply, “NYC for 24 hrs.” Page Six reported that Cavallari’s social media staffer was fired after the 9/11 post.

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