Jillian Michaels’ 10-minute home workout requires no equipment

Devon Kelley
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The coronavirus may be impacting every area of your life, but it shouldn’t have to derail your fitness routine. Working out from home is one of the things we can do to preserve a semblance of normalcy and maintain our mental health. We consulted celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels to put together a routine that you can do without equipment right from your living room, backyard, or any small space.

“There's a lot you can do to get a workout in at home, and I’m gonna show you just a few examples of what I'm talking about,” Jillian tells Yahoo Lifestyle. Here are five workouts you can do to keep up with your fitness every day, and it won’t even take ten minutes.


“Pushups are awesome because they work multiple muscle groups at the same time,” says Jillian.

Make sure to line your thumbs with your armpits and activate your muscles.

“Squeeze your butt, pull your bellybutton into your spine, keep your neck neutral,” she says. “Slightly shift forward and come down so the elbows are over the wrists, then press back up. If you need it to be easier, you guys know you can drop to your knees and do them like this.”

Jillian recommends doing three sets of as many reps as you’re comfortable with, using 30-second intervals as a guideline.


Keeping the same form from your pushups, Jillian takes us into three sets of planks and side planks. “You can hold this for 30 seconds, you can shift into your side plank on both sides, which is also going to be awesome for obliques, upper, and lower abs,” she says.

Mountain climber

Get energized with this cardio move. “From this position you’ve got basic cardio. So give me three sets of those for 30 seconds to a minute depending on your fitness level.”


“Let’s work the back of our body and do supermans. Lay on your tummy, keep your spine straight,” says Jillian. “Now, if you need to, keep your arms bent because it’s less resistance. Otherwise, you can straighten your arms. Do not push through your neck, so shoulder blades stay back and down, spine is neutral not up or down, and you’re simply going to lift and lower. It’s going to work your bum, hamstrings, upper back, just make sure shoulder blades are back and down.”


“Your feet should be just outside of hip width apart, toes should be turned slightly out. Chest is up, squeeze your bum to begin the movement so that your hips aren’t wonky or open,” Jillian says. Add weights or a jump at the top of the squat to increase difficulty. “I promise you, no matter how fit you are, if you do three sets of those for 30 seconds you’ll feel it.”

If you want to get in the habit of doing seven-minute workouts from home, Jillian is offering a special discount on her My Fitness app to Yahoo readers, marking down the annual subscription price from $90 to $70.

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