Top-rated electric knife sharpeners and food dehydrators are on massive sale today only

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This knife sharpener will help you chop through vegetables like butter. (Photo: Amazon)
This knife sharpener will help you chop through vegetables like butter. (Photo: Amazon)

Cooking up a storm is a productive (and fun!) way to pass the time when you’re hunkering down at home...providing you have the right tools, of course. First and foremost, you need a sharp set of knives.

Sadly, even the most high-end knives eventually get dull, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy a whole new set of Henckels. Instead, invest in a sturdy, professional-grade sharpener. Today on Amazon, you can choose between two heavy-duty knife sharpeners by Chef’sChoice for up to 34 percent off. While you’re at it, pick up a top-rated Excalibur food dehydrator for 36 percent off.

Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener. (Photo: Amazon)
Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener. (Photo: Amazon)

This Chef’sChoice professional electric knife sharpener is a bona fide fan favorite with more than 1,600 5-star reviews—one of which claimed it “turned my cheap paring knife into a scalpel.” Today, Amazon is sweetening the deal by marking down this sturdy gadget to less than 100 bucks (it’s usually $150).

Unlike many other knife sharpeners, the Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect sharpener uses a 3-step system that involves 100-percent diamond abrasives—prized for their long-lasting, precision-sharpening prowess—and patented polishing abrasives. It makes shockingly fast work of even the dullest blades—all you need is ten seconds at a time to get both straight and serrated knives razor-sharp again.

Compare the gadget to one of its closest competitors, the LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener, which uses only a two-stage process (diamond abrasives not included), and you’ll feel the difference.

“Our blades are sharper than they were when we bought them,” gushed another shopper, who praised the Chef’sChoice professional sharpener for its ease-of-use and quiet operation. “It makes a little bit of a grinding noise,” they wrote, “But...our baby was able to sleep through it in a room close by.”

Chef’sChoice 4643 ProntoPro Diamond Hone Manual Knife Sharpener

Chef’sChoice 4643 ProntoPro Diamond Hone Manual Knife Sharpener. (Photo: Amazon)
Chef’sChoice 4643 ProntoPro Diamond Hone Manual Knife Sharpener. (Photo: Amazon)

Don’t let its size fool you—this mini knife sharpener by Chef’sChoice is packed with 100 diamond abrasives to give a seriously sharp edge to kitchen knives (both straight and serrated) as well as sports and pocket knives—so say almost 500 five-star fans on Amazon.

Grab it by its comfort-grip handle as quickly as you can; with 26 percent sliced off the list price today, this sharpener is a steal at $28. For just a few bucks less, you can score the equally popular Presto 8800 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener, but that one uses a more primitive two-stage sharpening process.

One retired chef who used to use a sharpening stone on their knives—a process they called “long and tedious—vouched for the Chef’sChoice 4643 ProntoPro sharpener’s excellence, writing, “This device is quick and sharpens my knives better than the old way.”

Another fan used the sharpener on their 10-year-old Wusthof knives, after growing frustrating that they were never as sharp as Dalstrong Shogun series knives. “The Wustof knives are moderately sharp and despite trying many different sharpeners I could never improve that,” they wrote. But after unleashing the Chef’sChoice three-stage sharpening system on the Wusthof blades, they wrote, “Wow!!! The Wustof knives are now comparable to The Dalstrong. I am amazed.”

Excalibur 3926TB 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

Excalibur 3926TB 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator. (Photo: Amazon)
Excalibur 3926TB 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator. (Photo: Amazon)

Hungry for a challenge? Now that you’ve got your knives sharp enough to split hairs, it’s time to start slicing up all the fruits, veggies, meats, nuts and everything else you’re hoarding at home. This beloved Excalibur food dehydrator will become your new snack-making obsession, just like it’s been for more than 1,200 five-star reviewers.

With nine trays, the Excalibur 3926TB dehydrator has the capacity to to hold and dry 15 square feet of food, from fruit roll-ups and kale chips to beef jerky and even pet treats. Suffice to say it’ll keep you busy—and at $190, today only, it’s an incredible bargain compared to its smaller counterpart, the Excalibur 2400, which has only four trays and sells for $150.

“It was frustrating to go to the effort to prep food to dry only to be able to do so little of it at a time,” wrote one shopper who finally invested in the nine-tray. “This dehydrator fits on my kitchen counter under the cabinets just fine and it has enough capacity to do a five pound bag of sliced potatoes plus several trays of other produce at the same time.”

And the Excalibur nine-tray is a no-brainer when you compare it to a heavy-duty peer like the Brod & Taylor Sahara Folding Food Dehydrator, which has only seven trays—and only 11 square feet of drying area—but retails for a less-than-appetizing $350. (That said, it has nothing but five-star reviews).

You might be asking, what kinds of features make a great food dehydrator, well, great? It’s all in the design and temperatures. Excalibur food dehydrators have a patented Parallex Horizontal Airflow system that helps food dehydrate faster while retaining the most nutrients and flavor, as well as a timer and thermostat with a range low enough to retain active enzymes and safely dehydrate meats.

Your new hobby awaits!

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