Jeep Rolls 8.5 Times in Record-Setting ‘Fall Guy’ Movie Stunt

(Screenshot/Universal Pictures)
(Screenshot/Universal Pictures)
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It’s now clear that Hollywood’s overreliance on computer-generated effects has resulted in a renewed appreciation for old-school movie magic.

From Christopher Nolan’s DIY atomic bomb in Oppenheimer to the gun fu extravagance of the John Wick films, audiences have welcomed the return of practical effects to the big screen.

But audiences still want to be wowed, and that means pushing the boundaries of what’s possible — which is exactly what director David Leitch is aiming for with The Fall Guy. A former stuntman, Leitch has become a director and producer of some of the most compelling action films in recent memory, from John Wick to Atomic Blonde to Deadpool 2.

With his new Ryan Gosling-led film, Leitch offers a semi-autobiographical tribute to stunt performers. And what better way to celebrate Hollywood’s hard-working stuntmen and women than by giving them a new challenge?

In this case, the star performer is Logan Holladay, who pulls off a record-setting “cannon roll.” If you’ve ever seen an action movie, then you’ve seen this particular stunt before, even if you didn’t know the name. Holladay and the stunt team figure out how to roll his Jeep 8.5 times, beating the previous record of seven rolls.

Thankfully, Holladay emerges unscathed from the crash in this captivating behind-the-scenes vid.

The Fall Guy hits theaters on May 3.

Runtime: 2 minutes

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