‘Jane the Virgin’ Creator Is Shocked That Her Star Brokered El Chapo Encounter

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On Sunday night, there was plenty of talk of the awards and the fashions at the Golden Globes, but another topic that was at the top of everyone’s mind was Sean Penn’s surprising interview with the Mexican drug lord, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, for Rolling Stone. The meeting between Penn and El Chapo was brokered by Jane the Virgin actress Kate del Castillo, a fact that the show’s creator, Jennie Snyder Urman, couldn’t quite believe. “It’s a wild story,” she said while walking the carpet at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. “It feels like a story that Jane might do. It feels like it’s straight out of a telenovela, I would say.” It’s so crazy that Snyder Urman just might somehow work it into the show.

“You could see Rogelio accidentally interviewing the most wanted man in the world,” she said. “It speaks to me. We’re mostly thinking about how to mine it and in what context. It’ll definitely be mentioned, I would say, but… I feel like Rogelio will have a specific feeling about that — whether it should have been him that was doing the interview. And maybe El Chapo asked him first, but he said no.”

So has Snyder Urman spoken with Kate del Castillo since the news broke? “I haven’t talked to her,” she said. “But I plan to.”

We asked fellow attendees what they thought of the story and which criminal they might want to interview, should they have the chance.

Oscar Isaac: “I think it’s a fascinating thing that he got to do that. He doesn’t sound like a very nice guy, but it’s fascinating.”

Gael Garcia Bernal: “I haven’t read the story. It’s so recent. Being Mexican, it’s hard to talk about this subject. Because the subject is very important. There’s a lot of people involved. I have no comment because I haven’t read it.”

Aline Brosh McKenna: “Maybe Adnan from Serial. I burned through that really quickly. That was so riveting. Are there any great females in prison who deserve to be freed?”

Boyd Holbrook: “I haven’t read the article by Sean yet. But I’d like to sit down with Pablo [Escobar]. It’s almost like a Shakespearean quality to what he’s done and accomplished, at an iconic level — the king that rises to power and spirals out. I think it’s a classic, real-life story.”

Rachel Bloom: “If I could pick from any time period, I’d want to interview Elizabeth Báthory, who is rumored to have killed hundreds of young women in Eastern Europe in the 1500s. She was a countess who wasn’t caught for years. I’d want to know what’s her story, why did she do it, and how many people did she kill.”

Emmy Rossum: “Why is Ted Kaczynski coming to mind? Let’s go with Steven Avery. We watched Making a Murderer. We’re obsessed. Or wait. I’d go with Robert Durst from The Jinx.”

Sam Esmail: “That’s a good question. Probably Edward Snowden. If you consider him a criminal. I think he’s a fascinating person, so I would definitely love to have a conversation with him. I guess it’s a little on the nose for me, but it makes sense.”

Todd Haynes: “Andreas Baader from the Baader-Meinhof group, who were like a ’70s German radical terrorist group. They would be pretty cool. I don’t know what I’d ask. I’d have to work on that.”

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