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Ina Garten's 25+ favorite kitchen gadgets she swears by in 2024

Ina Garten swears by these cooking gadgets, from her Le Creuset Dutch oven to Microplane zester.

Ina Garten smiling over a cooking station. (Getty)
Want to cook like the Contessa? Shopping her fave kitchen tools is a start. (Getty)
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In her cookbook Barefoot Contessa: How Easy is That? Ina Garten writes, "Like a good surgeon with the right scalpel, every good cook needs the right piece of equipment for each task." So, in an attempt to become the best at-home chefs we can be — and to tide us over until her memoir (finally) hits bookshelves on October 1, 2024 — we couldn't help but revisit interviews and internet posts to glean insight and wisdom from our favorite elegant but accessible celebrity chef. From her favorite pepper mill and food processor to the Wusthof knives she adores, we've rounded up our cooking hero's must-have kitchen tools. Meanwhile, we'll be channeling our inner Barefoot Contessa while we (not so) patiently await October 1st.

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A good cast iron skillet is key in the kitchen, and this one from Lodge has Ina's heart. It comes pre-seasoned so you can get right to the good part (which is obviously frying). 

$20 at Amazon
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$20 at Lowe's$28 at REI

What's a cast iron skillet without a mini-me? This Barefoot Contessa-approved 3.5-inch cutie is great for toasting nuts and making individual-sized servings of fired eggs, mac and cheese and more. 

$9 at Amazon
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$11 at REI$10 at Ace Hardware

Ina often uses a food mill: "What I like is that something ends up with texture, so it's not just like baby food," she says about the tool. The Moulinex version she loves is sold out at the moment, but Amazon shoppers adore this affordable pick that's great for jams, sauces and purees. 

$40 at Amazon

Back in 2022, Ina shared with Food Network Magazine that she's privy to pop-up sponges during cleanup. Made from all-natural cellulose, these compressed options fatten up when immersed in water. Keep them fresh in between use by running them through the dishwasher.

$20 at Williams Sonoma

Unlike standard rolling pins, Ina finds this one — with a classic French handle-less design and tapered edges — easier to use.

$18 at Sur La Table

What's great about this gadget is that the repeated grooved pattern is spread evenly across the face of the surface, creating a larger area for food and allowing you to grate more with less effort.

$41 at Amazon

Le Creuset is pretty much the gold standard in bakeware, especially when it comes to its beloved enameled cast iron Dutch ovens. Ina told Food Network that she uses her 5.5-quart Dutch oven pretty much all the time. "It’s great for soups, stews and braising," she said.

$420 at Le Creuset
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$420 at Nordstrom

One thing you'll never catch Ina without? Kitchen timers. "I have lots of timers," she told NYT Cooking. "I don't want to put something in the oven to forget about it, which I can do." Very fair! Amazon shoppers love this affordable option because it's easy to use and incredibly accurate. 

$8 at Amazon

Just like kitchen timers, Ina has a ton of oven thermometers. "No matter what it says on the dial, the oven itself can be totally different," she shared with NYT Cooking. Amazon shoppers love this under-$10 thermometer for how user-friendly it is. 

$7 at Amazon
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$6 at Fanatics$13 at Wayfair

“I can’t think of anything that’s not great paired with All-Clad. It’s just great equipment,” Ina shared with Williams Sonoma Taste. She loves this cookware set because it's easy to clean, cooks evenly and retains heat beautifully. Even though the sticker shock can be intense, this set comes with two skillets, two saucepans, one sauté pan and a large stockpot. Plus, it lasts for far longer than other stainless steel sets. 

$900 at Sur La Table

Ina named this 10-piece set of mixing bowls as one of her go-to pieces of equipment on her website. The best thing about these is that they nest, making storage a breeze. 

$48 at Amazon
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$40 at Sur La Table$57 at Newegg

As you can see in this NYT Cooking video, Ina's counter is covered with butcher blocks. She shared with Williams Sonoma Taste that she prefers the large Boos options. Per Ina, "If you take care of them they last forever." Noted!

$155 at Amazon
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$155 at Sur La Table$155 at Lowe's

When you think of versatile kitchen must-haves, ice cream scoops probably aren't at the top of your list, right? Well, Ina loves them — so therefore we love them. Use this stainless steel tool for everything from cookies to meatballs and, of course, gelato and the like. 

$17 at Sur La Table

According to the Barefoot Contessa website, Ina uses this KitchenAid stand mixer — also known as the stand mixer to end all stand mixers. Not only does it come with a large-capacity bowl, dough hook, whip and flat beater, but you can choose from over 20 gorgeous colors. 

$450 at Amazon
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$450 at Walmart$450 at Sur La Table

Back in 2018, Ina shared that she loves this affordable pepper mill in an Instagram video with her recipe for homemade croutons, calling it "the best." It can fit 1.7 ounces of peppercorns and has a removable, clear bottom to catch the grinds so you won't make a mess. 

$35 at Amazon

For heartier grinding, Ina depends on this bestselling Krups model. It's a favorite on Amazon with an impressive 54,000+ five-star reviews. Hint: Ina uses it to make her own spice mixes.

$19 at Amazon

Baking is an exact science. Ina uses this Oxo food scale to keep everything precise — and delicious.  

$56 at Amazon
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$56 at Sur La Table$56 at Macy's

Every home cook needs a good chef's knife — and Ina favors Wüsthof. "They’re pretty expensive, but they last a lifetime," she shared with The Kitchn. "That’s why I say, ask for one as a gift or buy one at a time." Made from high-carbon steel, it's built to prevent rust and stains and can cut through pretty much everything. 

$170 at Sur La Table

A good knife needs a good knife sharpener to keep said good knife sharp. Ina favors the Chef'sChoice brand. This compact model sharpens both straight-edge and serrated 20-degree class knives.

$60 at Amazon
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$120 at Sur La Table$131 at Office Depot

One of Ina’s favorite peelers is shockingly affordable! The Kuhn Rikon option is only $5. The carbon steel blade cuts cleanly and stays sharp for longer than most.

$5 at Williams Sonoma

In a video for Food Network, Ina shared that she uses her food processor for things like potatoes, breadcrumbs and even thinly-sliced Brussels sprouts. Listed on the Barefoot Contessa website as an Ina-favorite, the Cuisinart model features an extra-large feed tube, a 625-watt motor and comes with a variety of attachments and accessories. 

Check out our review of the food processor.

$159 at Amazon
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$150 at Wayfair$159 at Walmart

Back in 2017, Ina told Bon Appétit that her favorite kitchen tool is a microplane because she loves "the zest of citrus fruit." She also uses it for garlic and hard cheeses.

$15 at Amazon
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$16 at Walmart$15 at Ace Hardware

Ina told a fan on her website that she uses a Waring blender. While her exact model is sold out on Amazon, this version features the same stainless steel material and 40-ounce capacity. 

$385 at Amazon

When you're on your feet in the kitchen as much as Ina is, you're going to want to invest in an anti-fatigue mat. The Barefoot Contessa's favorite is this comfortable one that comes in a variety of colors. 

$113 at Amazon
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$99 at Wayfair

The tasting process is one of the best parts of cooking. Ina told NYT Cooking that she always keeps a bunch of inexpensive spoons in a jar on the counter to allow for impromptu dips. Easy peasy! 

$10 at Amazon

Ina loves a good Oxo kitchen tool, and this salad spinner is no different. It comes with a non-slip base that keeps the bowl steady and a built-in brake button for easy unloading. The basket doubles as a colander.

$30 at OXO

Ina adores her Wrap'N Snap, telling NYT Cooking that it's one of her favorite clean-up gadgets. Simply pull the plastic wrap out and tap the machine for a perfect square in no time.

$40 at Amazon