Model Hunter McGrady says ‘being larger than your partner is OK. I certainly am!’

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Hunter McGrady is sharing an empowering message with her followers too insecure about their weight to date.

"Weight and love have no correlation!" she wrote on Instagram stories on Tuesday. "Don't hide who you are and don't waste time on anyone who has anything to say about it."

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model's PSA was included in a question and answer session that she was doing on her social media, when someone brought up the topic of body image and dating. McGrady, who is an outspoken advocate for body positivity, simply shared that weight doesn't matter when it comes to relationships.

The model shared a sweet photo of herself and her husband with an empowering message. (Photo: Instagram)
The model shared a sweet photo of herself and her husband with an empowering message. (Photo: Instagram)

"I think we have been led to believe that women who are larger are not worthy of dating or finding love," she wrote. "I used to believe this."

She even used her own relationship with her husband Brian Keys to share a message about being a different size than your partner.

"It's important to know that being larger than your partner is ok. I certainly am!!" she shared. "Love does not look a certain way!"

The topic is something that McGrady has spoken about before after coming across issues while looking for size-inclusive wedding dresses ahead of her June 1019 wedding. She even became the first plus-size bride to be featured on the cover of The Knot.

"A lot of brides tend to make wedding planning about weight loss. All of a sudden it becomes, 'I have to lose weight for my day.' And I'm like, listen, your fiancé loves you just the way are. You are the person they want to marry—and that's super powerful," she told the wedding magazine. "Accept yourself as you are and enjoy the wedding planning journey; don't make it about getting down to a certain size. It's important to be healthy, but it's also important to love yourself."

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