Model Sara Sampaio shares body positive message: 'Please stop commenting on people’s changing bodies'

Supermodel Sara Sampaio takes part in body positive video trend. (Photo: Getty Images)
Supermodel Sara Sampaio takes part in body positive video trend. (Photo: Getty Images)

Sara Sampaio is inspiring body confidence with a video showing how her supermodel figure looks at different angles.

The Victoria’s Secret model used audio made popular on TikTok to encourage her 7.5 million Instagram followers to show love to their bodies in every form.

“Bodies that look like this, also look like this. Backs that look like this, also look like this,” the audio says, as Sampaio shows her body at different angles, both posed and relaxed. “It is normal, safe and preferable that your body makes bulges and rolls as it moves around to allow you the best range of motion that you can have.”

The 29-year-old added an empowering message of her own in the caption. “A little Friday PSA for all of you,” she wrote. “Be kind to people and yourself and please stop commenting on people’s changing bodies.”

Sampaio’s friends quickly flooded the comment section with words of encouragement. “That’s why I love you so much,” one wrote. But it’s the model’s fans who are used to seeing her on the Victoria’s Secret runway or in the brand’s lingerie ads that felt most impacted by the video.

“This post made me feel confident in my skin. This is pure realness,” one wrote.

Another commented, “I think you are right to show young girls that perfection is also in imperfection.”

It wouldn’t be the first time that people felt inspired by Sampaio showcasing a “normal” figure. On Wednesday, she posted her latest work for Victoria’s Secret in anticipation of Valentine’s Day.

“A healthy body. I am all for this,” one person commented on the photo. “I love how Victoria’s Secret is showing real bodies of all shapes and sizes,” another wrote.

Although her latest video has been recreated by numerous users on TikTok, Sampaio is one of the first examples of a straight size supermodel diving into the body positive trend.

“Finally an actual model being brave enough,” a fan wrote on Sampaio’s post. “This is what a real influencer looks like,” another added.

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