Helpful Cat Returns Blankets To Bedroom Where They Belong Like a True Team Player

Cats are such weird little creatures, and sometimes they engage in behavior that is absolutely mystifying. Like the cat in the following video who has decided that her pet parents aren't allowed any blankets in their living room and drags all the living room blankets to the bedroom, where they belong.

With her mouth. Trust me, it's totally adorable. I mean, my own cats never help me tidy up or do laundry!

The hilarious video was shared by the TikTok account for @caitlin0720 and people are loving this helpful cat. One person commented, "I do not have a blanket cat and I'm kind of sad about it." Me too! Another replied, "She’s just tired of cleaning up your blankets after you hahah." Another added, "You are not having a blanket to stay warm on the couch human!"

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Not only is she dragging the blanket, but probably any dust that has accumulated on the floor with it. She serving a dual purpose, straightening up and dusting the floors. I really need to teach my own cats this cool little trick.

It's just too funny, but there may be an explanation as to why this silly cat is bringing blankets from one room to the next!

What's With Cats Carrying Things?

Some cats enjoy carrying things around because of their hunting instinct. This can make them feel like they have conquered prey and carrying around the sock or ball or toy mouse or whatever is it is their trophy.

Cats may also carry objects to get you to play with them. Carrying things in their mouths and meowing can provide mental stimulation, exercise, and enrichment for cats, especially when they are indoors. It also gets you to pay attention to them and if an owner sees their cat doing this, they probably praise them or speak to them or maybe even best of all, give them a treat.

But we think we can guess what's going on with the blanket thief above, and she is probably trying to create a safe "nest" or den-like environment where she can feel protected and relaxed, Chances are she may smell her pet parents in the bedroom and feel like that's where she wants to curl up!

Either way, she is totally adorable and such a big helper!

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