Hard Working Guard Dog Has a 'Cat Masseuse' and It's as Relaxing as It Sounds

Everyone once in a while you'll come across a video that is not only absolutely adorable, but incredibly relaxing. That's the case with the following video that features a giant white Great Pyrenees getting a long, relaxing massage by his very own cat masseuse.

You see, the dog in the video is a very hard working guard dog and he needs to take a little afternoon break and get all of his sore muscles worked out. How can blame him?

The adorable video was uploaded by the TikTok account for @luludelamango15 and I'm getting relaxed just watching it. TikTok users also love this pair and one person commented, "I’m glad he has good benefits at this job." Another added, "Hope the cat is paid for overtime." Another person replied, "I wish my company had this in their medical packet." Me too!

It's always the best when a cat and dog are besties, and I personally understand this because my own dog has his very own pet cat. They are the best of friends and do everything together, he just has to convince her to give him massages now.

How to Get Your Dog His Own Cat Pal

Take introductions slowly. <p>Chendongshan/Shutterstock</p>
Take introductions slowly.


Before you even think about introducing your new fur baby to your old fur baby, make sure they have separate living spaces. Each pet should have their own "territory," so to speak, with their own bedding, food bowls, water bowls, and litter for the kitten, so they can feel like they have a safe place.

Before you introduce them in person, you can prepare them by scent swapping. Rub a clean towel or blanket on your cat and put it in your dog's sleeping area, and vice versa. That way they can get used to each other's scent.

When you're ready for the first meeting, it helps if you have another human to hold your dog on his leash while you hold the cat or have them on a harness. If they seem calm and okay, let them smell each other. Give treats and lots of praise. If the dog barks or growls, separate the animals and try again later.

Gradually increase the time of supervised interactions between the dog and cat, always making sure the cat is safe. Be patient, give them time to get to know each other.

An excellent thing to consider is your local shelter may have a cat for adoption that has lived with dogs before and gets along well with dogs. That way it will be way less traumatic for the cat to get acclimated to their new dog friend!

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