Happy Mother’s Day from the Weekend Morning News team! The crew shares some love for their moms

Moms sure give us a lot of sage advice, don’t they? Even if we don’t realize it at the time.

WGN Weekend Morning News anchor Sean Lewis shares one moment in his life when his mom saved him from himself. Check out the video above. You’re guaranteed to laugh at the end!

PHOTOS: WGN anchors and reporters celebrate Mother’s Day

Some other members of the Weekend Morning News team also shared love for their moms during Sunday morning’s broadcast.

Elizabeth, a floor director, calls her mom “intelligent, kind and really reliable.” And they still love to have fun together:

Lou, a photojournalist, says his mom is the glue that’s kept his family strong though thick and thin:

Caleb, a stagehand, says his mom has always let him be himself and even learn from his mistakes:

Neshmia, a web producer, says her mom has always been supportive of her career and keeps asking when she’ll get to be on TV. Well, here you go, Mom:

Chaundanine, a producer, says becoming a mom herself has given her a new appreciation for her own mom:

Joe, a studio cameraman, says his mom has always been there for him. And now he has two more wonderful moms in his life:

Jeremiah, an assignment editor, says he always takes time to recognize his mom for all she’s done:

Here are some more photos of the Weekend Morning News team with their moms:

Happy Mother’s Day to all! Wherever we’re at in life, there’s no way we could get here without your love, guidance and infinite patience.

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