Gwen Stefani Explains Which No Doubt Song Makes Her 'Almost Throw Up'

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Gwen Stefani

When it comes to certain songs Gwen Stefani has written, she rather people don't speak about them.

During a recent interview with Audacy Check-In, the 54-year-old award-winning singer revealed that she "can't listen to a lot of songs" that she wrote in the past because the context of what they're about still haunts her. Just the thought of one track in particular is actually enough to make her "almost throw up."

"I can't listen to a lot of songs because they speak so clearly to me. And it's like, you know, you have regrets, you have mistakes you've made and most of the songs are about that," Stefani explained.

"So, you know, you just go like, there's like if I do 'ex-girlfriend,' even when I say it, I almost throw up in my mouth because it's like, just know exactly where I was at in that moment to write that song."

"And what I know now," she added, "It's just like 'Oh my god,' like it just brings you right back."

Elsewhere in the interview, Stefani spoke about her latest single and duet with husband Blake Shelton called "Purple Irises." Noting that the song was written a few years ago, it's not one to make her gag–at least not yet.

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"I honestly need to go back and look at when I wrote this, because I wrote it with this little alternative girl called Nico," who she said also worked on another one of her singles, "True Babe."

"And it was just really cool to write with her because there's all these amazing songwriters out there, like back in the day when No Doubt and I would write songs, we didn't know what we were doing. We didn't have somebody that's like professional," Stefani shared. "We just did whatever we did, we just made it up ourselves."

But as her career progressed and she recorded the albums Love. Angel. Music. Baby and The Sweet Escape, Stefani explained that working with "the professional of the moment" and collaborating became the best part of the experience.

"In this instance [of making 'Purple Irises'], I had been going down this whole road of–since 2020–I wanted to make music again and I had Kelly Clarkson texting me during quarantine all these demos of her songs that she'd been writing," meanwhile Stefani said she was busy cleaning, cooking and homeschooling her kids.

"I was so jealous," she admitted, recalling using that as her inspiration to "try" and get back into the game and the studio. Clearly, it was a success!

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