Guy Fieri’s $700 Super Bowl Tailgate Menu Is Bonkers


The man, the myth, the living legend: Guy Fieri.

For those lucky enough to score tickets to Super Bowl 50 next month, you may be wondering what the best sustenance for such a special occasion may be.

Enter “The Players Super Bowl Tailgate,” a longstanding pre-game event where renowned chefs curate gourmet dishes for well-heeled fans, football players and other celebrities rubbing elbows at the buffet. Guests even get transported from the meal to their stadium seats by private motor coach.

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Bold-faced culinaire hosts in years past have included Marcus Samuelsson (New York for Super Bowl 48) and Chef John Besh (New Orleans for Super Bowl 47). But Super Bowl 50 can boast perhaps the most recognizable chef in the country: Guy Fieri, the spiky haired Food Network star who famously introduced “donkey sauce” to our national lexicon.

His menu for the event was recently unveiled online.

For the hefty price of $700 per person, Fieri has fashioned a tailgate featuring foods straight out of Flavortown: a Super Steak Sandwich Station (loaded beef subs), Whole Hog Throwdown (essentially pulled pork sandwiches on Hawaiian buns), Low Country Jambalaya, a Mac Daddy Mac ‘n’ Cheese bar, Beau Mac’s Killer Raw Bar, and a curiously named “Live Nacho Bar,” where chip platters will be made to order.

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The charcuterie and salad stations escaped without adjectives.

An array of meatball appetizers will be passed by servers, including turkey, beef, pork and a vegetarian falafel “chickpea” version that appeared in quotes.

Meanwhile, S’mores Pie, Mega Rice Krispie Treats and a Doughnut Bread Pudding with Brown Butter Bacon Bourbon Glaze are the sweets du jour.

The lineup makes a bonkers Super Bowl menu, to be sure. But is it worth the steep price tag? Online reactions to the celebrity chef’s dishes have varied from excitement to outrage.

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“I would not pay $700 for this. I would not pay $7 for this,” tweeted sports writer Jeanna Thomas.

Football fan Donny Turnbaugh felt differently, coming to the platinum-maned TV star’s defense.

“I still don’t get why people hate on everything Guy Fieri does no matter the circumstance. This menu sounds awesome,” he tweeted, adding that he would happily sleep on a bed made of brown butter-bacon-bourbon glazed doughnut bread pudding.

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