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'Grout cleaning wizard wand': This electric scrub brush requires no elbow grease — and it's nearly 50% off

When it comes to cleaning ground-in dirt from your floor — or worse, grime between your shower tiles — nothing works except a thorough scrubbing with a great scrub brush. But that can be torture for your back and knees, and sometimes even after all that toil you haven't vanquished the filth. Well, it stops now: Save yourself a future filled with orthopedic agita with the Khelfer Electric Spin Scrubber, just $37 (down from $70).

With speeds up to 380 rpm, this scrubber takes all the pain out of cleaning. 

Save $33 with coupon
$37 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

This little gadget is just shy of 50% off when you add the on-page coupon. It saves you a whole lot of bending over and scrubbing, and it can be used for everything from cleaning the shower to your car. This is the best price on the web for this handy little tool, and it's also better priced than a lot of the competition you'll see on Amazon.

Why do I need this?

This scrubber has a lot going for it, especially if you have a tile shower. No one likes all the joint-torturing work that goes into cleaning grout, but the Khelfer can get in between tiles and free up any dirt (or mildew, ew) that's taken up residence. It runs for 90 minutes at a time and takes between four and five hours to fully charge.

This package includes everything you need: four different heads (including a dome brush, a flat brush and a corner brush) and a hook for hanging the scrubber when it's not in use. The cleaning speed can be adjusted from 300 to 380 rpm. Since the scrubber weighs in at just under 4 pounds, it can easily be lifted to clean hard-to-reach areas, no stepladder necessary.

woman using Khelfer cordless scrub brush in the bathroom
The scum, grime and schmutz can run, but it cannot hide from this scrub brush. (Actually, it can't run, either. Just a figure of speech.) (Amazon)

What reviewers say

More than 5,900 shoppers have given the Khelfer Electric Spin Scrubber a five-star rating.


"This product is amazing," one user raved. "I was a bit skeptical at first, but it really helps in getting a deep clean. I used to clean some old stains on some doors and deep-clean my bathroom floorboards, and the difference was incredible! Easy to use and great results!"

Another fan echoed that sentiment. "This does the work for you. Cleans your shower and tub perfectly, no bending, no sore muscles from scouring by hand! It goes from showers [to] sinks, floors, tile and toilets with ease. The convenience of not having to bend is a plus for me."

"Grout cleaning wizard wand," reported this entranced user. "We have a lot of white grout in our master shower ... out of the box I didn't feel like the attachments were going to be stiff enough to really get at the grout. I was wrong, though. A little bleach cleaner matched with this tool and things looked great in no time. It makes corners and high and low areas much easier to get after."

"I'm in absolute heaven with this electric scrubber! I am continuously scrubbing our floors and using some elbow grease, and it’s never looked so clean!" said another shopper. "It's super easy to use also and is lightweight, which I love!"


"It holds its charge for a few hours, and I have used it a few times now without having to recharge," One shopper said. "The speed is really fast and the only downside is it's fairly loud when in operation, and you can't submerge it in water completely or else it will stop working."

A final buyer reported, "My son and I love this tool. He uses it to reach the mold that grows high in his shower and I use it for the grout between the wall and floor so I don't have to bend over or crawl around with a brush. The only negative (and it's a small one) is that the rotation makes it hard to hold on a spot, but I put one hand lower on the stick, sorta like a weed wacker."

Scuzzed-up bathroom? Grimy tiles? Never fear, the Khelfer is here. 

Save $33 with coupon
$37 at Amazon

Something else that'll make your life easier — this long-handled shoe horn is only $10.

After just one use you'll be yelling, "Vive le shoe horn!"

$10 at Amazon

The lives of over 7,000 five-star reviewers are easier thanks to the "best shoe horn," as it was dubbed by this fan. "It's exactly what I needed. I will soon have hip replacement surgery. To avoid extra bending and twisting immediately afterward, this shoe horn will aid me in getting shoes on. I have been practicing and find it easy to use. It is simple to assemble. It separates for traveling and is just the right height."

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