Grandma’s Love/Hate Relationship With Her Cat Is Brightening Timelines

Pets are a lot like kids and can sometimes drive you up the wall. They don't listen, they have minds of their own, and they make messes and get into things that they shouldn't be in. @Grandma's Boy posted a video on Monday, August 28th of his grandma with her 'opp', her cat that she has a love/hate relationship with and it's just the best!

The video is just clips of grandma's interactions with her feisty cat. We see her telling him to get off, out, and down from things and also cuddling with him. The two seem to be together all the time, and she treats him like you would a toddler!

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These two are too cute! This video is actually Part 4 of @Grandma's Boy featuring his granny's interactions with her opp (opponent), her troublemaking kitty. I love when she tells him, "You're so sweet. But why are you so bad?" That sounds like something I've probably said to my kids!

The video has a couple of million views and more than 3 thousand comments. People adored granny and her cat! @Christina Elizabeth got 75 thousand likes for her comment, ""It's starting to feel personal" I just love her!!" I'm with @Laura Lynn who said, "It’s when she spells out A-double-s instead of cussin’ for me LOL!"

I hope to see more of these two! You can tell they adore each other. Pets definitely become part of the family, and you can tell that this grandma spoils her cat rotten...even if she has to put him in jail sometimes.

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