Video of 'Spoiled' Police Department Cat Has Us Cracking Up

This kitty is living the good life.

All pet lovers wish their place of work had a designated office pet. This would make work days much more enjoyable by bringing fun and cuteness into the work environment. One police department has done this and their spoiled pet is living the life.

TikTok user @texascop2.5 recently shared a video of the spoiled police department cat that lives at the station. In the video, this orange kitty waits for the officer to open the gate before the two walk inside together. Check out the video to see this adorable kitty and the awesome relationship she has with the officers of this police precinct.

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LOL, this is hilarious and absolutely adorable! We can tell this officer clearly loves and cares about the cat. Their banter is precious, and they're lucky to have each other!

People in the comments are loving the friendship between this cat and the officer. @jessimadness said, "I love how he keeps looking back to make sure you’re behind him," and @fl_grown101 commented, "That's awesome and he is so handsome! I love cats." This cat has definitely bonded to the officers that work in this police station, and their greetings are probably the highlight of the officers' days!

Others made jokes about this cat's role in the police department. @crafter_11 commented, "He said you’re getting a ticket for stepping on him," and @itsmenessa85 said, "That's Sgt. Gato, and he looks like he's about to write someone up!" This kitty means serious business!

This kitty is an integral part of the department, and he is doing an amazing job. We think he needs to be promoted to chief of police as soon as possible!

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