Golden Retriever Who 'Wants to Be a Mom' Can't Resist Stealing Kittens

You don't always know where, you don't always know when, but one day the mama bear urge can kick in — causing you to do things that seem a little unusual. For one Golden retriever named Daisy that day was recently, when she stole a kitten and tried to live out her mama dog dreams.

Daisy's owner, Courtney Taylor, shared just a snippet of the pup caught in the act.

Taylor found the dog with the kitten in question, and it was like she caught the Golden Retriever after they committed a crime. The Golden had snuck the kitten into an upstairs room, causing their owner to be taken aback.

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"Daisy, how did that kitty get up there?" she asked from behind the camera. "I know she didn't jump up there by herself."

Daisy wasn't going to back away from the accusations.

"That's not your baby," Taylor reminded her. In fact it was their cat Luna's kitten to be more precise.

While Daisy might be considered a kitten-napper, people in the comments section were actually on her side. "Daisy is like Luna has a bunch, I just want one. Please," joked one commenter. "I am the lawyer representing this client...we plead not guilty," someone else teased. "Let me keep one mom! She has a whole litter," added one person, as if speaking for Daisy. "When you said 'that’s not your baby' she was positively indignant, absolutely offended! Sweet babies," someone else pointed out.

Dogs Taking Care of Kittens

Amazingly, Daisy isn't the only dog known for "adopting" a kitten. In fact, it's a somewhat frequent occurrence. There are lots of reasons why older dogs take in kittens. For female dogs, it can actually be a part of their instinctual maternal nature.

Female dogs might welcome kittens into their litter and care for the kitten as if it was one of their own. A non-lactating dog may even start lactating to feed a kitten, which is seriously so interesting. She will then clean the kitten and protect it as if it was her baby.

This isn't a guarantee, however. There are circumstances when an adult may not take in a kitten. If a dog already has a large litter and doesn't have enough milk to go around, they may reject a kitten to feed her own babies. A dog may not take a kitten under their wing if the cat is no longer dependent on their mother for survival either.

Luckily, that isn't the case for Daisy and this kitten. Although we're pretty sure that Luna will have an opinion about the Golden "stealing" her baby.

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