Golden Retriever’s Failed Attempt To Play With New Bernese Mountain Puppy Is Too Cute

Bringing home a new puppy and introducing it to its new sibling can be an exciting time for a family. It can also be a little tense - you want the two dogs to get along and become best friends. Copper is a Golden Retriever, and her new sister Chevy is a Bernese Mountain puppy. There's nothing that Copper loves more than to play, but since Chevy's just a puppy she spends a lot of time sleeping and unfortunately for Copper, she doesn't want to constantly play.

Their mom shared a video at the beginning of March showing different interactions between the two. It starts with Copper sitting next to Chevy with her tennis ball, hoping that Chevy will play with her. The answer is no. Watch the adorable clips that show Copper's numerous attempts to get Chevy to play, and Chevy's lazy attitude about it.

Well Copper gave it her best shot! Luckily as the days went on, Chevy warmed up to the idea of playtime and in other videos it shows the two happily playing together and running through the house chasing each other. Copper and Chevy's fans loved the sweet video. Commenter Amy knew that it would eventually happen, "Bernese Mountain Dog mom here. Once she gets past the sleepy stage, she'll give the Golden a run for her money. Just wait... Chaos will soon run your house!" @MammaJamma83 shared, "My Great Pyrenees is low energy too. He only has about 5 minutes of indoor play energy, but outside, it’s like someone installed a new battery! LOL!"

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Dogs and Play: When It Gets a Little Too 'Ruff'

It's always fun to watch dogs play together, but sometimes playing can turn into fighting before you realize it. While it might seem like it happens in the blink of an eye, there are actually signs that the play may be turning into a fight.

There are several reasons that playing can turn into a fight. Sometimes dogs get overexcited and overstimulated. One dog might be bullying the other or play signals are misinterpreted. A third dog gets added into the mix. Dogs play the "fun police" role. And like in Copper and Chevy's case, puppies are just learning how to play and haven't reaching social maturity.

We all know our dogs, and they do let us know when the play is getting a little too aggressive for them and that they're becoming uncomfortable. Some of these signs include:

  • The dog's body becomes more tense and they may raise their hackles (not really a sign of aggression, but can lead to aggression)

  • Ears flatten out, tucked tails, or dilated pupils

  • Growling deepens or aggressive barking

  • One pup tries to hide

  • Snapping repeatedly directed towards head and neck area

There are many more signals that your dog will give you, but these are some of the most obvious. Always supervise playtime, especially the first few months, to make sure your pooches stay safe.

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