Golden Retriever’s Excitement Over Being Parents’ Ring Bearer Is Contagious

A couple's wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives, and of course they want to share the day with the most important people - and animals - in their lives. Pancakes the Golden Retriever's paw-rents wanted to make sure to include him in their big day, and decided he'd make the perfect ring bearer!

Good Morning America shared an adorable clip from the couple's wedding as the couple 'looked' for their missing rings while getting ready to exchange vows. That's when Pancakes comes running down the aisle in his tuxedo to save the day - he's got their rings!

He was so excited to be part of the big day! He didn't just walk down the aisle; he ran down it! He was smiling from ear-to-ear and is the cutest ring bearer I've ever seen. GMA fans agreed that the whole thing was beyond adorable. @Kristin shared, "Of course Pancakes is a Golden Retriever!! He IS a good boy!!" Another commenter laughed at the GMA host's comment, "It IS giving Prada!!!!!!!" And I couldn't agree more with @olivia who said, "Definitely need more news like this!"

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Fun Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

So many people want to make sure their pets are included in their wedding, and they get very creative with how they go about it. Lots of people make their dog their ring bearer which of course is a crowd favorite. But there are many other ways to make them feel special.

Of course, if your pooch is going to be a part of your entire day, the first thing you need to do is pick a pet-friendly venue. More and more often this is becoming the norm, and many places will be more than accommodating. With some up-front planning, you and your pup will be touching guests' hearts just like Pancakes did.

Did you know that professional pet sitting services just for weddings are a big thing right now? They make sure your dog is supervised and taken care of throughout the day. Before the big day, they work with you to help your dog practice and execute their wedding day role perfectly...maybe that's how Pancakes knew what to do! They can also help your dog get ready to hop onto the dance floor with you or simply pose and smile for the camera.

Your pup needs to dress the part, so make sure that you dress them up in a tuxedo or even a wedding dress!  Some people include their dogs in photos that they have displayed at the reception. Another really fun idea - name a signature cocktail after your furry friend! Other people include their dog on the wedding cake topper or hand out wedding favors in their dog's honor. The more creative you can get, the better!

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