Gisele Bündchen Reveals How She Coped With Her Divorce From Tom Brady

Last October, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen announced that they were ending their marriage after 13 years. Divorce can be difficult and life-altering under even the best of circumstances, much less when your personal life is laid out before the world. As such, it shouldn't come as a much of a surprise that the 43-year-old model has mostly kept private in the wake of the split.

However, in a new exclusive interview with People, Bündchen opened up about how she navigated through some deeply difficult times, which included not just her separation, but having moved her family to Florida when Brady came out of NFL retirement to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, while also dealing with two ailing parents.

"It's been very tough on my family. It's been a lot—in every area of my life," she told the publication. "I feel like whenever it rains, it pours. With all the different twists and turns that life takes, all we can do is the best we can given what happens in our surroundings."

To cope, says she Bündchen relied on meditation, daily exercise, and a dedication to wellness through nutrition. She says that she works out every day, which includes a combination of walking, yoga and weights. "I think if I didn't have all the different tools that I have to support me during these times, it would've been very hard," she explained. "And I think we all can relate to that, because I think we all have gone through our roller coasters of life."

She also revealed that she gave yup alcohol and caffeine shortly after turning 40, and how she "immediately" felt a shift in her life once she stopped drinking.

"I felt a huge difference between when I had the glass of wine and when I didn't have the glass of wine," Bündchen said. "It's socially accepted to have a glass of wine. And people even say, 'Oh, it's healthy for you.' Well, it is not healthy for me. If you want to ask of your body what I ask of my body, which is a lot, I can't be having all these things because they add up.”

"I became more clear. I felt a bit more foggy before. Now I'm very sharp and very present and I notice things that I didn't notice before," she continued. "When I'm not drinking, I'm sleeping much better. You have to be loving to yourself. You ask a lot of your body, you’ve got to do a reset. You have got to take care of this only vehicle you got, right?"

Bündchen had previously touched on the subject of going through a high-profile divorce, and how she relied on her health and family to keep her grounded.

"I've always trusted that every situation, no matter how challenging, has something to teach us and happens for our growth," she told Vogue Brasil last month. "Breakups are never easy, especially when there's a whole media speculating every step of the way. I tried to focus on my children, my health and my projects and dreams."

In the wake of their split, Brady has been linked to Russian model Irina Shayk, which reportedly had Bündchen's going through a "revolving door of emotions," even if she was ultimately happy for her ex. But for better or worse, it sounds like she's been coping with the difficult situation in as healthy a way possible.