German Shepherd's Tantrum Over Mom Saying His 'Least Favorite Word' Is Too Silly

Every dog has their funny little quirks that make them 100% unique, and owners wouldn't have it any other way. After all, dogs' personalities are one in a million, and you'll never meet another pup who's exactly like yours. Even littermates have special likes, dislikes, and tendencies that make them completely unique.

For example, I don't think any other dog in the world can say that they hate a word quite as much as Lincoln, the German Shepherd, hates his least favorite word. For some reason, it always gets a big reaction out of him, and on April 2, his mom finally decided to show TikTok just what she was dealing with. It's no wonder why Lincoln is such a popular guy--he's hilarious!

LOL! I'm so curious how Lincoln's mom even discovered that he disliked 'ooga' so much. It's not exactly a word used in everyday vocabulary, but it clearly means something to this German Shepherd. We may have to keep guessing, but at least we can enjoy the silly phenomenon regardless.

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The only thing funnier than this big dog's reaction to his least favorite word is his viewers' speculations as to why he hates it so much. One commenter guessed, "Maybe “ooga” is a slur in dog language," while another person simply joked, "Wait until he hears about 'booga.'" OMG! As funny as that is, I truly wonder how he would react to the full phrase 'ooga booga.'

The funnier thing is that 'ooga' actually means something in several languages. Commenter @morris_mkm explained, "ooga means 'talk!' in the Kikuyu language," while someone else said that 'ugat' in Hungarian means 'to bark.' What if this dog just understood a whole other language this entire time?

Are German Shepherds Loud?

While many Shepherd dogs are large and even intimidating to some, they're not meant to be guard dogs. As their name implies, these breeds are prepared to herd sheep and livestock, though they may also try to round up young kids or other pets. Some German Shepherd Dogs will be noisier than others, of course, but their loud bark is one tool that makes them so effective at keeping the flock safe.

This dog breed remains popular because of the pups' intelligence, loyalty, and eagerness to please. They can be easily trainable when consistent practice begins at a young age, so you can be sure that the barking doesn't get out of hand. So--yes--you can teach a German Shepherd not to bark!

No matter what age--or what breed--your dog is, though, you can start working on training to curb barking. You may not be able to control if your dog has a least favorite word though!

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