Golden Retriever's Unusual Favorite Word Is Cracking Us Up

We were not expecting this.

Dogs all have their favorite word. Most of the time that might be ‘walk’ or ‘treat.’ That’s how it is in our house! We can’t even say the T word without our dogs freaking out. LOL! But every once in a while, there is a dog who has an unusual favorite word.

If there was a competition for the most unusual favorite words, first place would hands down go to TikTok user @mavandmel. In this clip, which has reached over 3.5 million views within the first day, the Golden Retriever reacts to his owner saying this word. We seriously can’t help but laugh.

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O.M.G. How on earth did this become his favorite word!? Our only guess is that someone’s been watching too many Dateline episodes. Don’t worry, we’re guilty of that! LOL!

His owner decided to ask why that’s his favorite word and the reaction is absolutely priceless. “He’s like, ‘Tell you? Lady, I’ll show you,’” commented @flyfreephoenix. HA! He was caught off guard when someone found out why he liked that word so much. “I’m his lawyer my client is innocent,” wrote @bilbongbaggies. As soon as he gave those lips, we believed he was innocent. Too cute to be convicted!

“The chance is never zero,” said @schwein_swiney. Well, you do have a point there. Maybe in another life. Or maybe he’s just trying to show this TikToker the scene. It’s like he’s been training for that his entire life! Ha! 

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