Funny Husky Responds Like a Human When Mom Asks if She ‘Understands'

Does your dog understand certain words and know what they mean? Like kids, dogs can be selective about what they hear, and sometimes certain words get a bigger reaction out of them than others. Maya is a Husky who is very vocal, as are most Huskies. Her mom shared a video in mid-April that she says proves that dogs are smarter than we think.

The video starts with mom telling Maya and her sister that if they are good, they'll go get some treats, some steaks, and go for a walk. Make sure that your sound is on and listen in to what happens when mom asks if they understand.

Didn't it sound like Maya said, "I understand"! Maya's fans agreed that dogs know exactly what we are saying when they hear their favorite words and @Bryan called them, "Magic Words!!!" And I agree with @Tatted Alisha who swooned, "Maya’s head tilt was so adorable!"

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Facts About Chatty Huskies

I think we can all agree that Siberian Huskies are beautiful dogs, but do they make good pets? It depends on who you ask and what kind of dog your family is looking for.

If you watch a lot of Husky videos, the first thing you'll notice is that they are very vocal. They love to howl, talk back to their paw-rents, and have no problem sharing how they feel by using their voices. In fact, World Animal Foundation lists them as the second most chatty dog breed out there, with the Chihuahua being the first. They had this to say about why they're so vocal, "They worked in packs, pulling sleds. Huskies needed to communicate on the job, so barking is a natural tendency."

They go on to say, "They are howling hounds that can produce a talking sound, a singing cadence, and a bark. Siberian Huskies are versatile and have many ways to express themselves." Because they are so much like wolves, expect lots of howling from this breed.

I laughed at the accuracy of the description about Huskies at Dogster (who listed them as the Top Most Chatty Dog by the way), "The Siberian Husky has a lot of things to say about everything, and you can expect this breed to become especially vocal when excited or stressed."

Huskies can be very stubborn, so if they don't like what's going on they have no problem voicing their opinions about it. It's very fun to watch happen to other paw-rents, but I don't think I'd want a dog that vocal!

There are always pros and cons that come with any dog breed out there, and for me, all the talking that Huskies do is a turn off. But for others, it could be a reason to get a Husky. Because of this it's so important to do your research so that you can decide if a certain dog breed is right for your family. Bringing home a dog simply because it's cute could end up being a big mistake if you don't know what you're really getting into.

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